How to Write Amazing Blog Posts WITHOUT Being an Expert in Your Niche

Do you want to learn how to write a blog post when you suck as a writer? Today, I’m going to break down how to write amazing blog posts without being an expert in your niche, the copy and paste process.


Now, I have a question for you before we get started. Have you ever written a blog post? If you have, let me know how many posts you write on a regular basis in the comments below. And if haven’t, you haven’t just let me know with a no. I’m just curious how many of you actually write content on a regular basis and I’m hoping that this video helps encourage more of you to write, and it speeds up how long it takes you to write.

So step one, start with a problem that your target audience needs to solve. You can use tools like Quora, Reddit, Ubersuggest questions, prepositions, and comparisons within Ubersuggest. And that will tell you, hey, here’s what some of the problems and issues that people have.

Step two, do keyword research. Go into Ubersuggest, type in some keywords related to your space and as you typing in these keywords, you’ll see a whole slew of suggestions. Do any one of those topics warrant you know, a separate post. Should you end up creating content around that? If so, great. If not, no worries. Or, they can be part of a comprehensive blog posts, right? If you have many different keywords and they’re all related to each other, they can be all part of a comprehensive blog post.

Step three, analyze your competition. And what I mean this is type in the keywords in Google that you want to end up ranking for and you want to write your content around, look at your competition. Do they have long blog posts? Do they have short blog posts? What are their subheadings? Do their subheadings contain keywords? Are they answering questions? Are they talking about the problems that they’re trying to help solve? Look at the keywords that they’re ranking for beside their focus keywords, and you can type in those URLs of your competition within Ubersuggests and it’ll tell you that.

Step four, find statistics that can help you frame your topic in terms of relevancy, business impact. You can use sites like Statista, Google, and when you’re on Google, you can type in like the keyword plus statistics. You can check out Google Scholar as well. There’s so many data points and stats within that as well.

Step five, create your outline for your content piece and I want you to create a few headline variations. It’s all about the headline. They say with headlines, eight out of 10, people will read it, but only two out of 10 will click through to the rest.

Now, when you think about headlines, if you’re struggling, check out copyblogger headline formula. You can just Google for that. It’ll help you write better headlines. You also want to check out headings. With your headings, you to include some of the keywords that you’re targeting for. Headings also make it easier for people to just skim your articles, which means their headings should be as catchy as your headlines.

Now, you want to cover topics that you’ve seen in the top 10 rank content pieces that are covering the topic that you’re covering and cover additional points and topics that your competition isn’t covering yet, such as if there’s something new that no one’s talking about, you should cover. And just as a rough framework for you, when I’m outlining my content, I start with a headline.

Then, I’ll write the conclusion and the conclusion should be a summary of what people should learn. And then, I end the conclusion with a question mark. That’s because it causes more people to leave a comment below, which then helps boost your engagement with your content and you get more and more readers.

Now question for you is, do you leave a question at the end of your blog posts? If you do, just let me know with a yes below. If you don’t, just say no, I don’t leave a question at the end to my blog post. And I’m curious. And if you say no, you should consider trying it. It’s a very effective trick.

Now, bonus tip. Use tools like Jarvis to AI that can do a lot of the work for you. It can help you with the outlining process and it can write part of your content. It’s not perfect. It won’t write your whole blog post for you, but it can roughly save you maybe, 30 minutes to hour, depending on how prolific of a blogger you are when it comes to writing your own content.

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