How to Write Blog Posts That Are Better Than Any Other Content Piece On The Web (And Rank Page #1)

Are you tired of writing blog posts that just aren’t that good? You know, the posts that no one really wants to read? Do you want to write content that’s way better than your competition? Today I’m going to break down, how to write blog posts, that are actually better than any other content piece on the web. And I’m going to teach you how to crush your competitors. I’m going to show you how to write amazing content in three simple steps.


Step one, do a competitive analysis on the top 10 results. So, what I want you to do is get a idea of the length of the content that are ranking on Google.

So all you have to do is do a Google search for any keyword related to the article that you’re writing and see who’s ringing number one, all the way down to number 10.

And what I want you to do is, pick the hottest topics from the headings, the ones that appear the most often when you’re looking at the top 10 results. Check the things that are being mentioned all the time on your competitors content. And all the things that they’re not really covering.

You also need to have a clear idea of what the value is for the top results that are offering to visitors, It’s not just about Google, It’s also about the visitors. Are they answering a specific question really quickly? Do they have a calculator that helps them cut through their math and just get what they’re looking for really quickly? Is it a product page that just shows them amazing product? is it a long form content piece that covers everything that they need from nuts to bolts from beginner stuff, like how to install a toilet, to how to install a bidet. And if you create content just for the sake of it? you’re going to fail.

Another thing you need to look at is user intent. Do they solve user intent? Are they solving people’s problems really quickly? Now, if you keep those factors in mind, when you’re analyzing the content, it’ll help you understand the type of page you need to create. And what you need to do to outrank your competition.

Step two, do your own research. I want you to check out Ubersuggest, take that same keyword, go to, or just, type in that keyword, you’ll be taken to this report that gives you an overview on the keyword. It shows you how popular it is. You know, how popular it is on mobile versus desktop, over time, the popularity. And it even breaks down other content pieces that are related to, that have done really well in the social world.

Now I want you to click on the keyword ideas report. This will show all the other related keywords that you should include potentially in your article that are related. And I’ll show you questions, propositions comparisons. This is all the stuff that’s related, that you may want to put within your article.

I also want you to check out Quora and Reddit, because those sites will give you good ideas of what’s also popular around that topic. So now you’ll know, Hey, these are the keywords to include. And these are all the subjects, that my competition isn’t including.

Step three, raise your standards and create a page that’s better than everyone else’s. Add different types of media that no one else did, such as data and visualization. I’m not just talking about videos and audio files. I’m talking about, let’s say infographic or graphs, or things that get the message across quicker, or maybe even image carousels on social media or video-based content that are tutorial based.

And I want you to write a headline That’s more appealing. Think of clickbait, but clickbait has a bad connotation because clickbait is, is you get someone to click and they’re disappointed when they get to the page. I want you to have a headline, so amazing, people will click.

And then when they get to the page, even more happy because your content just knocks their socks off. And check out the content ideas report on Ubersuggest for that keyword as well, because it’ll show you who’s promoted other competitor articles from a link perspective and a social perspective, and you can reach out to those people and get them to link to your article. Because if someone linked to a competitor article, they’re much more likely to link to you as well.

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