If I Was Starting a New YouTube Channel (Encore Presentation)

I’ve had a lot of requests for another presentation to help people start their YouTube channel, so here it is! This will be LIVE at July 26th, 2022 @ 11am PT (2pm ET).

Starting and growing a YouTube channel can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing. When done right, however, a successful YouTube channel can help you grow an audience, launch a new business, generate an income and even change your life.

And you don’t need millions of subscribers or views to do it.

Thankfully, understanding how YouTube works doesn’t require rocket science. Pat Flynn, creator of two successful YouTube channels and private coach to several growing video creators will be sharing best practices for starting a YouTube channel during this live training session.

During this webinar training, you’ll find:

👉 The big advantage you have starting a YouTube channel today, and whether it’s the right decision for you.
👉 Basic requirements all video creators need in order to grow on the platform.
👉 The 2-part process for making a video “sticky” so that the algorithm picks it up and sends it to new viewers.
👉 Examples of different ways creators are generating an income on YouTube OUTSIDE of YouTube ad revenue.
👉 An inside look at Pat’s most recent successful YouTube channel (@DeepPocketMonster) and the strategies he’s been using to grow to 200k subscribers in less than 2 years.
👉 And more…

Don’t miss out on this free training from Pat and an opportunity to get a great deal on a brand new course, YouTube from Scratch!

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