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Published on September 6, 2019
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Latest Pinterest Updates

It is important to be up to date with the latest Pinterest Updates in 2019 so that we can maintain the traffic that are flowing into our sites from Pinterest, especially for site owners who depend a great deal on Pinterest as a traffic source to their websites.

Below is a video from Anatasia which explains the updates on Pinterest on August 2019.

Personal Boards Now More Powerful Than Group Boards

This is not a shock to many marketers in Pinterest, but do note that now our own ‘personal boards’ are MUCH more powerful than Group Boards are.

The “trick” is knowing how to NAME your boards for maximum results.

Here’s how a blogger name her Pinterest boards.

Pinterest Made a Major Spam Clean-up in August 2019

In the early part of August 2019, Pinterest made a new major spam clean-up in their platform, similar to what happened around the same time in 2018.

Many sites (especially in the money-making niche) were blocked for about 7 to 10 days. Most of the legit bloggers were then unblocked eventually, but for some sites, the Pinterest team decided to keep them blocked or unblocked the domains while keeping their Pinterest accounts suspended. If you want to know how to act if your account was suspended or your site was blocked, on Pinterest, check out this post.

Pinterest Analytics Glitches that continue into  August 2019.

pinterest monthly views

If you are seeing “zero” days in your Pinterest Analytics, it’s most like the recurring glitch in our Pinterest Analytics stats that continued into the first half of Aug 2019.

This should be fixed by 15 August 2019. The above image was captured after the glitch has been fixed.

MAJOR Pinterest Glitch In Third Week of July 2018

Many Pinterest marketers woke up around the third week of July 2018 to find that their pins leading to their site were all being blocked and marked as spam. While this many not be an error for ALL who are affected, it is definitely worth contacting Pinterest support because it appears that too MANY accounts were mistakenly marked as spam.

If the pins to your site are being blocked by Pinterest, they will show a message similar to this when you click the pin:

pinterest blocked link spam help from MMOTV


How To Contact Pinterest support:

We can either of the 2 options or BOTH of them as listed below:

1 – Go to:, select “Appeals” from dropdown” then choose “Pinterest blocked my site” and fill out the form (remember to be professional! we are appealing here and we need not be overly rude.)

pinterest unblock request MMOTV

This form is very likely to kick back an automated “canned response”, but totally worth trying.

To Your Internet Business

2 – And/Or send an email to creators-support @ from the email listed in your Pinterest account – and again, be respectful… even if you are feeling like punching your clinched fist into someone’s face 😉.

I am sure that this is a business “nightmare” if Pinterest is blocking YOUR pin links, but do really try and be patient and calm. I have NO doubt that Pinterest support is being bombarded with (angry) emails today so hang in there… and try to NOT to send just another “angry” email and make things worse.

Check out this list if you need so good royalty free photos to use to create your pins.

I wish you all the best in your Pinterest endeavour now that you know a little about the latest Pinterest updates.


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