Legendary Marketer Super Affiliate Switches From Clickfunnels to Funnel Freedom

Legendary Marketer Super Affiliate Switches From Clickfunnels to Funnel Freedom

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In today’s video, I’m thrilled to share this journey as we transition their affiliate business to Funnel Freedom from ClickFunnels and AWeber. They decided to do this after careful consideration of streamlining their operations onto one powerful software platform.

Join me as we delve into the process of setting up affiliate links for various products within the Funnel Freedom platform. We’re excited about the prospect of promoting multiple products effortlessly from a single dashboard, saving us time and energy.

One of the most exciting aspects of this transition is the creation of a personalized funnel. It features their photo and offers a free course as a lead magnet, seamlessly embedding their affiliate links into the promotional materials

Throughout the video tutorial, we’ll walk you through the technical steps involved in this transition. From applying for affiliate programs to adding and verifying domain names, every detail counts. Additionally, we’ll show you how to import contact lists from previous platforms to Funnel Freedom, ensuring a smooth transition for your subscribers.

But that’s not all! Email marketing and list segmentation play a crucial role in affiliate marketing strategy. We’ll demonstrate how to create and organize email campaigns within Funnel Freedom, highlighting the importance of a meticulous approach to transferring and setting up all marketing assets on the new platform.

So, if you’re ready to take your affiliate business to the next level with Funnel Freedom, join us on this exciting journey! Don’t forget to hit subscribe and ring the bell to stay updated on my latest tips and tricks. Let’s dive in!

00:00 Legendary Marketer Super Affiliate Switches From Clickfunnels to Funnel Freedom
00:58 How To Set Up Funnel Freedom for Affiliate Marketing Beginners
05:22 Does Funnel Freedom Have A Free Funnel and Free Course?
07:02 Funnel Freedom Automated Email Sequence Guide
09:59 How To Add Your Domain and Email to Funnel Freedom
13:20 How To Import Your ClickFunnels Funnel to Funnel Freedom
18:01 How To Create A New Automation on Funnel Freedom
24:37 How To Completely Move From ClickFunnels to Funnel Freedom
25:58 How To Import Your Contact List to Funnel Freedom

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Legendary Marketer Super Affiliate Switches From Clickfunnels to Funnel Freedom

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