My 5 Favorite PPC Strategies

Looking to maximize performance with your next PPC campaign? I rely on these 5 strategies all the time – and I bet they’d help you a ton moving forward.

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0:15 Launch Retargeting Campaigns
1:15 Leverage a Cross-Channel Approach
1:50 Design Mobile Friendly Landing Pages
2:57 Use Neil’s Google Ads Creator


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So what can you do to maximize your return on your pay-per-click campaign? Well, I want you to try out these five strategies and watch your ROI skyrocket.

Strategy number one, launch remarketing or retargeting campaigns. When you use remarketing to target a familiar visitor, they’re 70% more likely to purchase your product instead of a competitor. You’re probably wondering, what is this remarketing or retargeting that you’re talking about? Think of it this way. You go, you look to buy something. You browse Amazon or any e-commerce site. Have you noticed, when you look at something you may added that to your cart, but if you don’t buy and you keep browsing around the web you start seeing ads for that product. It’s crazy, right? Are they mind readers? No, what they’re doing is using something called remarketing. What that does is, the website is telling Google or Facebook, “Hey, this person viewed this product, they didn’t buy it, so can you please show them ads for it Because they’re interested in it and maybe the ad will convince them to come back and buy again.” Super effective strategy, one of your highest converting campaigns. You got to leverage remarketing and it works for both B2C and B2B companies.

Strategy two, leverage a cross-channel approach. Google Ads is great, but you might need to use a different platform to balance out your approach. There’s Facebook, there’s Instagram, there’s TikTok, there’s Snapchat, there’s Reddit, there’s Pinterest. The list goes on and on. But here’s what’s important with this strategy. It’s not about actually using, just let’s say, Google and Facebook and Instagram and TikTok. It’s actually taking your learnings from one platform and applying it to the other. When you do that, what you’ll find is they’ll all become more efficient and you’ll start generating a much higher ROI.

Strategy three, design mobile-friendly landing pages. Look, more than 50% of the clicks happen on mobile devices. I don’t care if you’re in B2C or B2B, mobile is super popular. You got to optimize your landing pages for mobile, and they need to be different than desktop landing pages. If you put all that content you would do on a desktop device for a mobile landing page, probably not going to convert as well. Whether you use images or videos or quick animated gifs to get your message across, you need to have your mobile landing pages be super friendly when it comes to a visual aspect. They also need to be responsive so it works on any type of mobile devices. Some people have five-inch screens, some people have seven-inch screens, and some people have 10-inch screens. It needs to adapt to their device size.

Strategy four, use my Google Ads Creator. Look, go to, click on the tools navigation link and I want you to go onto the Google Ads Creator. Or if you don’t see the menu, go to and you’ll see it at the top or on the homepage of, it’s in the footer. The Google Ads Creator will tell you everything that’s wrong with your Google Ads and how to fix them.

Strategy number five, choose your campaign type wisely. Look, there’s search ads, there’s display ads there’s social ads, and there’s Google Shopping ads and the list goes on and on. Heck, you can even do ads within stories in Instagram. There’s so many ad types, you need to test them all, and you need to be mindful. So for example, if I was doing an ad on Snapchat, I would actually take the copy I would normally present on a landing page, put it in Snapchat so when people can actually see it, and then, if they want to end up visiting my site to learn or buy more, they can visit my site. But that way I’m keeping on Snap and pitching them there which means more people are going to see my message and I found that increases my conversion rates. In other words, you need to be mindful of the channels that you’re using so you can adapt your advertising and your marketing to those channels.

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