My 7 Favorite Social Media Tools (That Are Free)

My seven favorite social media tools that are free. Do you know what the second, third, fourth and fifth most popular website have in common in this world? Let me give you a hint. It’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What they all have in common is they’re all social websites. Social media is popular.

So, how can you leverage it to get more traffic to your website? Sure, you can hire people to help you out but you may not have that option because it costs money. On the flip side, there are a lot of free tools that you can use that can help you out. And if you leverage them, you’ll get more social media traffic. Here are seven free social media tools that you have to check out.

Social Blade:
Exploding Topics:

Tool number one, Social Blade. Social Blade is a free analytics tool. Type in anyone’s username and you can see their social stats for any of their social profiles. Here’s my social stats for YouTube. The reason I like Social Blade is you can see the daily subscriber growth. When you see a pop, look for the content that was posted on that date. It’ll give you insights into the type of content people love that your competition is posting on.

Tool number 2, ManyChat. With social media, you never know what the algorithms are going to do. It’s tough to continue to get traffic from these social sites. Using tools like ManyChat, you can keep communicating with your subscribers, especially through Facebook messenger, Instagram direct messages and SMS.

Tool number 3, Hootsuite. There are tons of social platforms out there, and it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Using Hootsuite, you can easily post to all the social platforms using that one simple tool. Their free plan allows you to easily manage two platforms and sadly, you got to pay when you want to manage more. This way you can consistently post on all the main social platforms that you’re trying to leverage.

Tool 4, Exploding Topics. If you haven’t checked out Exploding Topics, make sure you do so. It’s a tool by my friend, Brian Dean. It allows you to see what’s exploding on the web right now, especially on the social web. If you create content around those topics, you’ll find others are interested in it and you’ll gain more likes and even more followers. But be careful, as you need to make sure that the content you create around these exploding topics needs to be relevant to your overall social profiles.

Tool 5, MailChimp. You’re probably wondering how the heck is an email tool like MailChimp related to social media. Well, have you ever heard this saying that the money’s in the list. When you have all these social followers on social media, you need them to join your list. And the easy way to do so is to get them to opt into your email list.

So by using tools like MailChimp, you’ll be able to more likely stay in touch with your audience. This is important because social algorithms keep changing and it’s hard and harder to make sure that your followers see your content.

Tool 6, Linktree. Have you noticed that it isn’t easy to monetize your social following? A lot of that is because you can’t really promote all your products and services. But by using Linktree, you can have one link that you push them to from your social bios, from these platforms and they can pick the services and the offerings that you have and pick which one’s right for them. It’s a great way to let your followers pick their own journey and figure out, where and how you want to engage with them.

Tool 7, Canva. Social media is visual. People want to engage with beautiful content that is readable and ideally unique. Through Canva, you can create tones of social content on almost anything. From adjusting images to even video, to even creating, let’s say carousel that you would post on, let’s say Instagram, Canva can literally do almost anything and best of all, it’s free. heck! You can even use it to create infographics.

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