This is a little different from what I put out on YouTube but I want to share with you guys my success story. Today, I’ll be telling you all about the story that led me to financial freedom. What did I do wrong? Stay tuned.

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00:00 What Kept Me Motivated After Many Failures
00:46 Before All of My Success
03:48 What Happens When You Get Greedy?
05:40 Everything I Tried, I Failed
07:13 The Importance of A Success Mindset

Today’s episode is different. I’m going to talk about my experience which brought me here today. Success isn’t something you can achieve overnight. It’s something learned from years and years of trying and going through many failures.

Before all of this, I was an electrical engineer. I thought it would be easy to roll in the money this way, but I didn’t know I’d be sacrificing my time for it. I tried many different things like multi-level marketing, selling products I didn’t believe in, and other things like FOREX and dropshipping. By the time I got so tired of all my failures, I ran across affiliate marketing with the knowledge I had gained from all the times I failed.

Success isn’t just about winning. It’s also about learning from your mistakes and getting back up when you fall down. Having financial freedom is mainly about the mindset that you currently have. If you’re greedy, you won’t get anywhere. If you’re stubborn and keep repeating the same mistakes, you’ll get nowhere. Learn from my experience and continue growing towards a passive income lifestyle.

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