My Ultimate (Quick) Traffic Hack

I bet you heard of a thousand different SEO experts and marketing experts tell you about their favorite quick traffic hack. But you want to know which one I rely on all the time that’s super quick, super simple and actually makes a difference?

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There’s a bigger version of it and one that requires more effort that you’ve probably heard from before. But this one, this one’s quick, easy, and a nice way to give your click-through rate a nice little boost. Well, that’s because Google likes seeing content that’s relevant, up to date and brand new. See, a blog post from 10 years ago just won’t do as good today. So my quick hack, it’s not updating your content. Yes, you should do that. That takes a bit more time but it’s adding the year to your title tag. Literally, just add the year at the end of your title tag.

Now, you can’t do this for all pages but you can do this for a lot of your informational pages. For example, the Beginner’s Guide to SEO 2022 version or the Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2022. And there’s a lot of SEO plugins that help you adapt your title tags like the all in one SEO plugin or the Yoast SEO plugin. All you have to do is go into that page that you want to edit and put the year into that title tag, preview it and then you can see how it looks in the SERPs. Eventually Google will update it and you’ll start getting more SEO traffic.

When it’s content related to education, such as like how to do something, how to learn SEO, how to learn marketing, how to learn how to ride a bike, how to learn anything that’s advanced, people typically want to see it updated. If it’s something like how to tie a tie, no one cares for the 22 version or the 2023 version or the 2024 version. Same with how to ride a bike. I know I mentioned it, but with how to ride a bike if it’s an electric bike or it’s a bike that does tricks, sure, people may want the year but if it’s anything that is unique and fresh like we just passed year 2022, we’re now in 2023, people want to see the latest year’s version. Updating the title tag to the year that you’re currently in will help you do better. And what we found, it gets us roughly five to 6% more traffic when we update our title tag with the latest year added to the end. That’s simple. It doesn’t take much work. And yes, that’s not much traffic, but it works.

It takes a little bit of time for Google to index it and your rankings to slowly crime and you got to make sure when you update this in your post there’s not older stuff that says 2022 when we’re in 2023. So you need to update the title and just double check to make sure the post doesn’t have old stuff from previous years, because you don’t want to trick people and deceive them either, but just doing this one change shouldn’t take you more than five minutes. It’s a quick way to just get a little bit more traffic. It’s one of my favorite hacks. We do this every single year at the beginning of each year or at the end of the previous year.

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