Off Page SEO: 14 Powerful Techniques to Grow Your Website Traffic

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Time Stamps

2:03 – Recap of Previous Sessions
3: 45 – New Seo off page Technique
4:00- Forum Submission
15:01- Q & A Submission
18:00- Social bookmarking
31: 54 – Article Submission
45: 00 – Guest posting
49 :04 Profile creation
56: 00 – Google My Business

Are you ready to work on Off page SEO for your site? Off page SEO is not something directly in your control and is more about networking with other users and websites for links on their site.

We would recommend guest blogging, simply write about your topic and offer to write an article for another popular site. When you do this it should normally include an author bio with a link back to your website. That backlink will let the readers of that site know who you are and where to find your site.

You can answer questions on a Q&A site such as Quora about your site’s topic. This lets those users know that you are an expert in your field and can trust your opinion on certain topics.

Next, we recommend having a social profile for your business, especially the social platform that your site is good for. If you do a large number of visuals then Pinterest is a good platform while Twitter is good for short messages to your users when you have constant updates or flash sales. For us, we use Youtube as one because we have tutorials where users can benefit from having a visual of our guides. With the content set up, make sure you share it on your social profiles for your visitors to know about it.

Replacing broken backlinks on sites is another powerful method to get search engines to notice your site. When you offer a good replacement to those site owners that means that they get to update the articles that were possibly valuable to them and get your content to their users which is a win-win. Influencers, as long as their audience is a good fit for what you’re doing, can give content to that influencer as well as bring your brand to that audience’s attention.

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