One FREE Tool to STEAL Your Competitor’s Best Keywords

If you want to beat your competitors, you need to steal their best keywords. Today I’m going to break down one free tool to steal your competitor’s best keywords that you’ll be able to rank for.



So I want you to use the traffic analyze report on Ubersuggest, so go to or, and put in a competitor URL. If you don’t know a competitor search for any keyword you want to rank for, and your competitors are there on page one. And in that traffic analyze report you’ll see the traffic your competitors getting, their top pages, and even the keywords that they’re ranking for.

Look at the keywords report, this will show all the keywords that your competitor’s getting traffic from. And now look for the keywords with decent search volume, ones that are at least 200 searches a month, if not 1,000 plus searches a month, and ideally have a SEO difficulty score of less than 40 or 50. These are keywords that are easier to rank for that you can get results quickly versus waiting six months or a year for.

And then what I want you to do is start creating content around those keywords. Also, I want you to use the similar websites report to identify websites that rank for similar keywords compared to your website and other competing websites.

So when you do the similar websites report on Ubersuggest, you can end up seeing all the websites that rank for similar keywords to yours, because these sites are also going for the same keywords that you’re going for. That report also shows you all the keyword opportunities, these are the keywords that they rank for that you don’t rank for. Look at those keywords, take them and look for the ones that are relevant enough for you to go and create content around.

Now at this point you probably have hundreds if not thousand keywords, you’re like Neil, I don’t have time to create all this content. I want you to group them into buckets.

And then I want you to take some of those keywords and pop them into the keyword ideas report within Ubersuggest, there’s actually a button there that shows you which keywords you can rank on page one for, you just pop in your URL, and it’ll help filter out those keywords and tell you which ones you actually have a short for today, and create content around them. When you do this, you’ll then start creating content that you can get results for in the short run versus waiting months from now or years from now. In addition to that what I want you to do is focus on specific topics related to your industry.

So let’s say if I was creating a digital marketing blog, I wouldn’t just talk about digital marketing, I may focus on SEO first and create content only around SEO. Then after I’ve hammered down all the SEO topics without regurgitating myself, and without repeating the same content, because you don’t want multiple articles on the beginner’s guide to SEO, because all that’ll do is confuse Google on which page to rank.

And once you do that, what you’ll find is Google see authority within that niche, and then you can expand to email marketing articles, and then you can expand to conversion rate optimization articles, then you can expand into articles really around paid ads for Google, and then paid out articles around Facebook ads.

And eventually you would have encompassed all of digital marketing, but by focusing your efforts you’ll be authority within your niche, so then as you start creating more and more content, you’ll rank for head terms in your niche without having as big of a domain authority or as many backlinks as a lot of the competitors that are already ranking.

That’s how you also beat sites like Wikipedia, you don’t need more backlinks or domain authority than them, you just need to be the authority within your niche. If you do that you’ll be able to steal traffic away from your competitors and rank better.

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