SEO For Beginners – The Easiest Way to Generate Traffic

As a beginner, there must be a simpler way to start generating SEO traffic without having to learn all this on-page code and build links. Today, I’m going to break down the easiest way to get more SEO traffic.



As SEO, eventually you will have to learn on-page SEO and you’ll also have to learn about link building. But when you’re just starting off, the key that you need to remember is content is king. When you have content on your website, you’re going to get more traffic. When you don’t have content on your website, you’re going to get less traffic. Google uses that content to put your website out there.

So when people type in phrases around anything related to your website, your content has a higher probability of showing up. So if you’re a beginner, the easiest way to generate traffic is to start writing content, but not any content, you have to actually write the right kind of content and I’m going to show you how to do that.

First off, I want you to go to And I want you to type in a keyword related to the content you want to write. If you don’t know what keyword report to the content that you want to write, just put it in a keyword related to your industry.

The overview will show me how many people are typing in that keyword within my region, my region being the United States, on a monthly basis. I can see roughly how popular that keyword is. And then I can scroll all the way down to the content ideas. And then I can click view all content ideas. This will show me all the blog post ideas related to the term digital marketing that people are writing on.

And as you can see here, some of them aren’t that great or relevant. Some of them are good. And you just scroll down until you find something that you’re like, all right, I would write on this. So then you click the keywords dropdown and you’ll start seeing keywords, this has given me some keyword ideas on some keywords that I can use.

What I want you to do is go to the keyword ideas report now in the left-hand navigation and you see the term digital marketing that I just typed in. And if that’s one of the phrases, cool. What you’ll want to do is you’ll want to select it and then you want to click add to list.

And you probably don’t have anything here so you’ll want to label your list and then I’ll click a new label. So let’s do digital marketing blog post. All right, I got a label. Add keyword. And this will also give me other terms related to digital marketing. Digital marketing companies probably use a lot.

And then I can just keep going and I’ll keep going down and down and down and then I’ll go to the next page and keep doing this. And as you do this, you want to add those keywords to the list. So I would add it to my digital marketing blog posts list because that’s a blog post I’m writing.

If I go to keyword list and then I click on digital marketing blog posts and I can keep adding more to it, I now have a list of keywords that can potentially be included in the blog post that I ‘ m writing on when it comes to digital marketing or a guide to digital marketing, how to learn it and I can all these terms in there.

Now, granted you won’t automatically rank for all these keywords, but you will rank for a portion of them. And the more you include, the higher probability that you’ll have to rank for at least some of them. And if you’re including keywords that are related to your content and you go top down, what I mean by top down, we’ll go back to the keyword ideas report, when you’re selecting keywords towards the top and then you keep going down, the ones at the top tend to be more popular.

When you also select ones that have a low SEO difficulty score that are in green, those are ones that are easier to rank for. So if you select popular keywords that are easy to rank for, you have a higher probability of ranking for those terms.

And the key here is to create a list for every blog post that you’re trying to create. And don’t keep including the same keywords over and over again. What I mean by that is you don’t want to have 10 posts related to online marketing tools. So you want to keep using new keywords per post.

So you want to do this exercise each and every time you write a blog post. So that way, you’re targeting new keywords that will help you generate traffic. That’s all you have to do to start getting more traffic when you’re creating content, especially if you’re looking for SEO traffic.

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