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There are a few things you should avoid doing on your website. Google’s algorithm can use these as signs that you may be doing something wrong.
These black hat SEO tactics should not be used if you want to remain on the up and up with Google and other search engines.

Doorway pages
Doorways are sites or pages built with the sole purpose of ranking for specific or similar search queries.

Hidden Text or Links.
Manipulating Google’s search rankings by hiding text or links in your content is deceptive and violates the Webmaster Guidelines. . There are several ways to hide text (such as excessive keywords), including Using white text on a white background.

Content Automation
Automating the content marketing process is a strategy that allows you to remove human intervention in each stage of the lifecycle. The goal of content automation is to remove any redundant, time-consuming, or costly processes from Content marketing.

Keyword Stuffing.
Keyword stuffing is the process of filling a website with keywords in an attempt to make Google place it higher up on searches. These keywords often appear in a list or group, or they are out of context.

Sneaky Redirects
When a visitor requests one URL but is sent to another, this is called redirecting. Moving your site from one place to another is not a problem if, for example, you want to take all of the old content with you or there are too many pages on your site that need consolidation.

Cloaking is when you show different content to search engines than what you present to people. Cloaking violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
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