Should You Design Your Landing Pages From Scratch or Use Templates?

There are so many templates out there, do you really need to pay someone to help you with your landing page designs? Today I’m going to break down, if you should design your own landing page from scratch or use templates? Which one sells more? When you design your landing page from scratch, you’ll have higher costs. A few skills that are involved that you need when you’re designing from scratch.


One, you need a designer, a copywriter, a marketer and a developer. In essence, four things. Now, if you can do them all yourselves, great. If not, you’re going to have to hire all from. Load time and speed become harder to manage as you have to optimize everything. You have to compress your own images, optimize your code for load time and performance.

A study on landing page conversion rates, and site speed by Portent showed that website conversion rates dropped by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time between zero seconds and five seconds. You also do a lot of AB testing to figure out what’s causing the best conversion rates and what elements on your landing pages are causing the conversion rates to drop. And chances are, you’re going to have greater odds of failure because there are a lot of small things that you need to do right.

And that’s what makes it really difficult when you’re designing or creating your own landing pages. If you’ve done this so many times, yeah, you probably know what to do, but if you haven’t done it many times, then you’re going to have to make a lot of changes and tweaks and constantly test.

Now on the flip side, when you use landing page templates, most companies that offer templates, offer ones that are battle-tested. In other words, if you have a book that you’re selling, there are book landing pages, if you have a SAS product that you’re selling, they have SAS landing pages and if you have a service-based business, they have service-based landing pages, that other people have tested and they’re tracking what’s working, what’s not.

They’ll look at the conversion rates from all the landing pages and see what improvements affect conversion rates and what improvements decrease conversion rates. You won’t have to worry about load time as much, speed as much or even image sizes. All you have to do is focus on the marketing side, which is driving traffic to your landing pages.

Some platforms out there to check out that already have landing pages are LeadPages, Unbounce, ClickFunnels, Instapage, HubSpot. Now, if you asked me, “Neil, should I create a landing page from scratch or should I use a template?” What we’ve typically found is if you’re a new business, you haven’t done much marketing, go with the landing page templates.

Because if you do that, you’ll know where to start and you’re better off. But if you have a Large company, you’re doing millions and millions of dollars in revenue, heck even millions in profits, and you’ve done marketing, you have your own marketing team, what I would recommend is you still look at the landing page templates but you have your own team building. What you’re doing is you’re looking to see what’s working and then you’re doing your own customized version of it.

That way, you’re not starting from scratch, but then you’re not using that quote-unquote, generic template that everyone else is using and it’s a little bit more customized.

So in essence, you know, you would still use the templates, whether you have a big business or a small business, but more so for the bigger businesses, you’re still designing it from scratch but using the template as more sort of a starting point so that way, you know what to build that’ll work versus having to run all these tests from scratch and worry about copy and you know, all these elements that are going to just take forever to create from scratch.

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