Simple Social Media Patterns You Need To Know to Grow Your Reach, Followers, and Engagement

When you publish a video on YouTube, make sure you share it with your friends, tell them to leave a comment, do email blast, push notification blast, text message it out, whatever you can to get those views in the first hour. Because when you do that, you’re much more likely to rank higher on YouTube.

Social Media Strategies To Boost Your SEO:

7 Marketing Trends to Help you DOMINATE Social Media in 2021:


In general, most people don’t realize this, but Google makes eight to nine algorithm changes per day on average, most of them are very small. And that’s a lot to keep up with. But it’s that age-old marketing technique that continually drives revenue that a lot of us take for granted. And if you want to do really well in 2021, and in the future even beyond that, there’s a few things that I would recommend doing.

The first is you need more people to link to you. And everyone knows link building. Link building is one website linking to another’s and they say the more links you have, the higher you rank in Google. But we’ve noticed a shift in their algorithm in which you don’t need a ton of links these days.

And then the next thing that no one’s really focusing on, and this one is big, is Page Experience. So, they have this algorithm update coming out in 2021 called Page Experience. And they’re first rolling it out with mobile. It’s unknown if they’ll roll it out to desktop, but I bet they eventually will.

So, they’re starting to look at the experience, are users actually looking at the content, going to multiple pages? Or are they just clicking the back button and going to the next result because they’re not finding what they’re looking for. So don’t just optimize for a quote, unquote algorithm. If you optimize for the user experience, in the long run, you’ll rank better.

And the last tip that I’ll give you, so when you think about the social web, there’s a pattern. There’s Facebooks, the YouTubes, the LinkedIns, and the list goes on and on. The biggest player out there in the social space is Facebook, which also owns Instagram. And there’s this pattern that happens on most social networks. They’re very generous, they get you a ton of organic reach and the moment they have a ton of users, they’re like, hmm, it’s time for us to make more money. We want you to spend more on ads, or we’re going to crush your reach.

Now there’s three social networks where it’s really easy to get reach from. One is LinkedIn, one is TikTok, and the other is YouTube. So these three networks, although I don’t really spend much on TikTok because it’s more B2C, but LinkedIn and YouTube, I’m very heavy on. And with LinkedIn, we’re just posting content all the time because if you think about it, it’s the underdog. So, if you just create content on there, you’re going to get love.

The last step that I looked up and I don’t know how accurate it is now, but it was a few months ago. I was finding an article that was saying something like roughly only 3% of users on LinkedIn are creating content, only 3%. So they’re like starving for this content, they just want more, so they’ll say, if you want to be part of that 3% and you want to give us content, we’ll just show it to a lot of people because we’re the underdog.

Instagram and Facebook, you know, all the other platforms, they don’t have that issue where a very, very small percentage is only creating content. So, just go out there and put anything on there and you’ll do well. I know that sounds bad, but it’s the reality.

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