SMART TANK #2 – An SPI PRO Hosted Special Event (Winners Will Be Announced!)

Within our private community of entrepreneurs, SPI PRO (apply here:, we held a challenge of the month in October for our members to submit a 60-second VIDEO telling a story of one of their students or customers. Sharing the journey of a customer, and highlighting their before & after situation can be an amazing way to promote your own products and brand.

Today, we’ll view the top voted submissions LIVE together, discuss, and choose 5 winners. The top winner will take home a guest spot on the popular Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn in mid-2022, a huge opportunity for any online business.

The rules were simple: submit a 60-second video with no fancy production work – just the camera, you, and the story. Voting happened within the SPI Pro community earlier, and today, team SPI joins us to announce the winners, and talk about what we liked best about each pitch.

We’ll be having fun, educating the audience, and announce our winners within this 30-45 minute time-period. If you’re here early, be sure to subscribe and ring that bell notification icon to make sure you don’t miss the date and time!

Congratulations in advance to all of the winners, who will be linked to here in this description soon after the event is over.


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