Social Media Marketing Tips For Every Brand (And What You Should Avoid at All Costs)

Everyone wants to post about stuff and link to their own website or link to somewhere else that’s not on Facebook. Facebook hates that because if you link to another site, that means that person is going off of Facebook and the chance of them coming back and clicking on an ad are slim to none.

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So from a personal brand perspective, a lot of times people usually feel comfortable with one platform. I call it repurposing content. They make their content for one platform like Instagram, and then just repurpose it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, et cetera. What are some ways that people can build their personal brand outside of social media, whether it’s podcasts or email newsletters, like what are the other things that people could be doing?

So outside of social media, some of the things you can do to build your brand and your platform is you need to get out there on your own website. See social media has algorithms. I know LinkedIn and TikTok are great right now, and you can go viral, but that’s not going to last forever. You controlling your own destiny is super important.

So everyone should have their own website and just create a blog. You can do it with WordPress, takes literally a few minutes, a click of button with most hosting platforms, get your domain name and just start creating content, whether that’s articles, videos.

Start sending out text messages every time you have a phone number. When you do these types of things, you’ll start building up your brand over time. And it’s called the rule of seven. When someone sees or interacts with your brand seven times, they’re much more likely to evangelize you, buy from you, increase your word of mouth awareness by telling their friends about you.

So all you really need to do is just create your own website and then leverage the social platforms while they’re driving traffic and then push that traffic to your website. So that way you can control that audience and not be relying on those social platforms.

I know some people are very passionate about certain subjects. I tend to avoid them because what happens is you start polarizing, in which some people will do business with you and some people won’t.

But the one thing I will tell you is if you start talking about these sensitive topics, like religion, politics, there’s a good chance you can be a little bit off putting to a certain audience and you could potentially lose business. So you roll the dice with that and that’s why I don’t talk about any of that stuff online.

So what about the blogs, forums, Reddit, those types of platforms. Should be, people become experts inside of like, embed themselves in the internet in that fashion?

You can, if your business is growing, and you’re doing millions and millions of dollars and you have multiple people in your marketing department, I highly recommend it. If you’re running a small marketing team with one or two, three people, I wouldn’t recommend it.

So I would recommend actually going for those smaller sites first, and then eventually if you have extra time go after the “Inc.s” the “Huffington Post”. what you’ll find is it gives you A, brand awareness. The second thing is it adds credibility. The third thing is, is it also drives business.

The first thing people need to realize about Facebook is they make money by people clicking on ads. It’s that simple. Facebook hates that because if you link to another site, that means that person is going off of Facebook and the chance of them coming back and clicking on an ad are slim to none.They want more videos to compete with YouTube. They want more live content to compete with the television stations.

So Instagram has quite a few different things. And the one thing I would recommend is if you’re trying to post Stories also consider going live, because if you go live and you do interviews, like Dan has a lot of followers, I have some followers, probably not nowhere near as many as him.

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