The 6 Stages of Learning Digital Marketing – Which One Are You In?

Are you finding digital marketing hard to learn? Well, it’s because you aren’t following each of the stages. Probably wondering what the heck are each of the stages? Today I’m going to break down the six stages of learning digital marketing. And which one are you in?


So I’m going to break down the six stages. And then I want you to tell me in the comments below, what stage are you in?

So stage number one, the Generalist Learner. You’re exploring a lot of different principles in digital marketing: social media, paid ads, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, even niches like e-commerce and B2B, although they’re not really niches. At this stage, you’re mapping out the universe of digital marketing and probably deciding what really matters to you.

Stage two, Successes and Failures. You start testing your tactics in the real world businesses. You’ll fail, learn from your mistakes. Keep risk low by working with clients pro bono or for lower cost. And then they’ll pay you when you become a real pro, have your own projects. And don’t worry too much about focusing on just one discipline of marketing and try to explore as much as you can, and the disciplines that are the most attractive to you.

Stage three, Niching Down. Some businesses are really hard to do digital marketing for. A classic example of this is hard for beginners, is B2B. B2B for me, funny enough is easier than B2C, but I know how to do both really well at this point because I’ve been doing it for 20 years. You can do some things really easy in digital marketing while others are very hard.

Stage four, The Portfolio. At this stage, you’re already comfortable with working on a niche and area of marketing. You’ll start documenting all the wins and building your portfolio that you can showcase to other potential clients.

The goal here is to stack up as many possible wins as possible, and create a library of all the tests and successful things that you’ve done. That you know that’ll work for other businesses that you can just rinse and repeat. Consider them your bag of tricks. You’re building up this bag of tricks and you want to make it bigger and bigger. So that way, as you go to a new business or take a new job, you can continually just implement them.

Stage five, Scaling Up. Right now, you’ve done a lot of work in your field and you’re really looking for opportunities to scale. This is typically when you start hiring and automating a lot of the repetitive stuff.

There’s a lot of tools out there like UiPath that can help you automate marketing processes. I know a lot of marketers don’t talk about it, but trust me, it can do wonders for you. And you’ll want to have a clear idea of your workflows and have the ability to have other people do it for you. Scaling up is a skill like any other that you need to roll up your sleeves and take lots of action.

And stage six, Authority. By now you’ve worked with tons of clients in your space. It’s time to become an authority figure, by speaking at conferences, writing tons of content, shooting videos that help your audience, build up your brand on social media, spend some considerable time and money building up your website authority, acquiring backlinks, and covering as much ground as possible in different topics related to your niche.

So, now that you know the stages and you’re focusing on learning digital marketing, figure out what stage you’re in and move from one stage to the next. If you need, repeat this video because you don’t need to do stage one and then jump to stage six, you want to do them in order. And if you do them in order, you’re going to be better off. And that’s how you learn digital marketing better.

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