The Art of Digital Marketing

From identifying your target audience to crafting compelling messages and leveraging the latest digital marketing tools, is it all an art?

Find the key elements of a winning marketing strategy.



You won’t be able to buy 12 companies successfully next year. So if you look at most private equity funds, they don’t try to do, they’re companies that they buy or companies that want to do rollups, it’s hard to buy 12 companies because it’s hard to integrate and run them all correctly. That’s why funds continue to raise more money and go after bigger deals, because time is the big problem with acquiring companies. It’s easy to do one a year. Two a year is not that bad. Once you start going more than three a year, it starts getting hard. I know some companies do way more than that, but they have so many people and you know

What do you think about, since you’re really into the Wall Street and corporate world, you know, raising capital on social media, you know, doing it for these smaller deals is totally fine, right? But yeah, eventually, you know, to be at the big boy level, you’re raising Wall Street money. Like what do you think about transitioning there at some point?

The big one that I’m seeing is people should just focus on what they’re really passionate about and what they’re good at. Because everyone tries to do, they see the pasture as greener on the other side, right? They’re like, “oh, the grass is always greener on the other side.” And that’s not always true. For example, you’re good at real estate. I’ve done well with real estate before when I was buying like bankrupt units or units from the Mandarin or people that were going bankrupt and they just need a quick flip. But that’s not what I specialize in. I’ve also lost money on real estate. Your track record in real estate is much better than mine. You’re good at it. I’m really good at creating technical software for B2B. I’m just good at it, have been doing it since I was a kid, I like it. My track record for creating a B2B enterprise company is pretty decent, right? My batting average is great. So I just stick with what I’m good at and everyone looks for new opportunities instead of just focusing on what they’re good at. Like I have a friend here who is an ex-Goldman Sachs guy, lives in Summerland, which is Vegas, right? You know that, but in case some other people don’t. And he now owns a ton of HVAC companies. He was really good at Goldman Sachs at doing financial engineering and he’s like, “huh, I was doing this for tech. I don’t want to do this for tech anymore. The returns are hard. I’m really good at operations and finance. Let me just go do this in a boring industry.” He fell in love with HVAC and roofing and plumbing, so home improvement stuff, and his name’s Devin and he’s just like, “I’m just going to buy up these companies.” Makes a killing. Like literally a killing. I’m not talking about like five, $10 million, but like he’s scaled up the organization to do a lot of revenue with only a few million dollars ff capital. ’cause some of these businesses, he’s buying ’em for like two, three x EBITDA, some seller based financing, the best rest bank, and he’s putting no money down and he’s getting these businesses for free and then he does online marketing and runs their operation better and says, “hey, instead of using paper for all your record keeping, let’s go digital and actually use software and all this.’ And he’s growing these companies by roughly 40 to 50% in the first year that he’s acquiring ’em.

You already got a billion plus results for less than 200,000 people looking for a solution each month. So they’re already dealing with that. There’s going to be no difference on that end. It’s just companies are going to be like, “oh, content creation’s easier. It’s easier to create mediocre content,” right? You can use AI tools to help you create text-based content, but it’s not going to be at the same quality that you’re creating content right now.

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