The BEST Way to Grow Your Instagram With Neil Patel

What’s the best way, if you want to build your followers, what do you think? Let’s talk about Instagram.


What’s the best way to build your followers? Is it through those giveaways they’re doing now, those swaps that you see, where, you know, just, if you follow these 99 people and win a prize, what do you think of that whole business?

– So I think it’s a terrible thing to do, and here’s why. The way these algorithms work is based on engagement more than anything else.

So what percent of your audience, your followers, engage with you?
So I’m not talking about, see, when you do that giveaway, you’ll get a ton of follows, and those people will even get engaged on your first few photos, but after a week or two or a month, what’s going to happen? Those people are barely going to engage on your content.
So now when you create some amazing piece of content, whether it’s a video, an image, a story, they’re like, we’re barely going to show it to people because no one cares to engage with you. So it actually hurts you in the long run.
The best way to grow is to get the right type of followers. You don’t need the most amount of followers. You need the most engaged followers because then that causes your content to spread virally within their social network, which then creates a snowball effect and gets you to have more and more followers.

What would you, is there some sort of formula like that you would think that, okay, so if you have 1,000,000 followers, how many views should a post get? If you do, let’s say you have 1,000,000 followers and you post a video, what would be a good, a short, like 30-second or 40-second video, how many people should view it for it to be, you know, should like that, you know, before, you know, for it to be considered successful? What would be considered good engagement?

-So if you’re just talking about a video and you’re getting like the views on the video, anywhere around 5% is good. Sometimes you’ll be at 3%, 4%. Sometimes you get 10%.

So let me give you an example. I’m sorry. I posted a video. I have a 1.3 million followers, right? And I posted a video that got 500,000 views. That would be considered an amazing post, right? And it was a video of my girlfriend and I don’t post much of that. 20 seconds long. It got 500,000 views, right? So that would be considered a massively successful post with 1.3 million followers, right?

What about, and then I post another thing, like a quick business clip, 150,000 views. That’s my average, by 150. So that’s considered good, about 14, 15% of my base?

That’s very good. And you have a very loyal audience. Most people aren’t going to have that. If they get 5%, they should be happy.

So the question is what’s the number? Is it 5% and above is considered really good?

Anything above 5% is really good. And how about on a picture, like a regular post, like without a video, just a post? So a post, if you can get 3% to like your posts, you’re doing pretty decent. – Okay, and do you? I’m sorry; keep going.

And you’ll find that some posts, like I experience the same thing that you do. If I post something personal, because I don’t really post personal stuff. It goes through the roof and I can get like 10, 20% of the people just liking it. The moment I post something business-related, 4, 5%.I know, you’re like, what the hell, this is more valuable, right?

I’m like who cares if my baby’s touching the sand, you know, for the first time? Like, granted, me as a parent, of course I love it, but I’m like, I don’t understand why you, the viewer, wants to see this.

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