The Biggest Opportunity in Paid Social Media Ads Since The Death of Organic Reach

Looking for social media opportunities? Well, here’s one. Today I’m going to break down the biggest opportunity in paid social media ads since the death of organic reach.

According to We Are Social Digital’s 2020 October snapshot, and I know we’re past 2020. More than 4 billion people worldwide. That’s 4.14 billion. Now use social media each month. That’s an incredible 53% penetration for the entire world’s population. 57% of consumers follow brands to learn more about products or services, according to Sprout Social. 91% of consumers visit brand website or application when they follow them on social according to Influencer Hub.



Look, the biggest opportunity is personalization. If you want to do well, especially with your paid ads, you got to personalize, and that’s what we’re seeing companies avoid.

Now, here are the biggest opportunities for personalization. First off, target uses in different parts of your funnel. That means if someone’s on your checkout page, you show them something different than if they’re on your landing page to view your product. If they’re on your homepage, you show them different than if they’re on your consulting page.

Second tip, target users based on pages or products they viewed on your website. You would show them a different message if they’re looking at dog food versus cat food. If they’re looking at accounting services versus marketing services.

Next one, relevant messaging, according to the next steps you want them to take. Well, if they are on your sales page, and they see your copy, what do they do next? You can show them ads to help them, push them through and nudge them.

When once someone’s bought from you, it’s way easier to get them to buy from you again and again, versus getting new people in. So once someone’s bought from me, and over time, I continually release new products and upsells, I show them other offers because when I show them other offers, there’s a good chance they’re already familiar with my brand, especially if they left like a really positive review.

I don’t just target them from emails, but from my ads, I try to target them as well, and get them in and buy more products. Look, the possibilities of targeting are endless. I want to share what some of the tactics that we do. And if you use some of them, you can do really well.

Out of everything that I’ve tested this year, what I found is when you do personalization, combined with humor, something that’s a little bit more refreshing with your ads, I found it to do really well. Think like a Squatty Potty or some of the stuff that Harmon Brothers does. It works super well.

But again you know, the ad has to make sense, and you have to break things down in a logical way that people can understand. And I found that that does really B2B, and B2C.

So if you have customized targeting with creative ads in each and every single aspect you’ll do even better because it helps you stand out from the crowd, and it differentiates you.

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