The Content Marketing TRAP: Why Writing Content Can Drive ZERO Traffic

Writing content doesn’t guarantee traffic, but watching this video will help you avoid that trap. Today I’m going to break down the content marketing trap. Why writing content can drive zero traffic.

7 Essential Skills Digital Content Writers Need:

How to Come Up With Content Ideas That Drive Traffic:


Just writing content isn’t enough. You need to focus on keywords that are popular and go super indepth. And more importantly, you need to focus on content clusters or topic clusters and not just keywords.

So for example, if you want it to rank for SEO, like I do, I don’t just write on SEO and have one article around it. I write an SEO, page speed, I would talk about link building on page SEO, Google search console. Even as some of those keywords that don’t get as much traffic, you need to cover that whole topic and be super thorough.

Nowadays to Google, short content and under valve shallow content isn’t that great, and you’ll find that those pieces of content don’t rank well. Hence, high quality long form content wins over thin content hands out.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to write 3,000 word articles at minimum or 5,000. That someone’s looking at a topic like, how to tie a tie, do you really think they want to read 3,000 words? No, they just want some animated Jefferson video that shows how to tie a tie and that’s it. But, you could have videos and animated GIFs, and even some small amounts of texts on how to tie a tie, how to tie a Windsor knot, how to tie a double Windsor knot, I don’t even know if that exists but you get the point.

You would want to break down every way to tie a tie, to even breaking down how to tie a skinny tie, how to tie a thick tie, because by being super thorough in covering every version of that topic, you’re more likely to rank better.

No matter what you do with your content, if you end up creating amazing content and no one reads it or sees it, it doesn’t matter. Even if you using all the right strategies. So, what I want you to do in Uber Says is look at the backlinks opportunity report.

So, if I create an article on SEO and I Google that term, I know on page where the search engine landed Moz and a few other sites. I would put in those URLs into the backlinks opportunity report. And then I’ll put it in my article URL into the backlinks opportunity report. And you want to use the exact URL filter in the backlinks opportunity report because when you do this, it’ll show you who’s linking to your competitors, page that’s very similar to ours, but not yours. Because if someone links to 2, 3, 4 of your competitors and they don’t link to you, chances are they’re willing to link to you as well.

But on the flip side, links as you know, is a big factor goes album. If you start reaching out to people who don’t link to any of your competitors, and you ask them to link to you because you want more links, you’re probably not going to get those links, and you’re going to have to send out tons of emails and try to convince a lot of people, and very few people are going to link back out to you.

The other thing that you need to do is make sure that your site is buttoned up. No matter how good your content is and if you build links, but your site isn’t buttoned up in which there’s a lot of errors, and Google can’t crawl your site, or there’s issues with your site, not going to rank well.

So, on the left side of Uber Says, there’s a site audit report. It breaks on all the SEO errors that your site may have. What I want you to do is go into the errors and look at them. All the critical ones or the suggested ones. And look at them from top to bottom. The ones at the top typically will have the biggest impact on your rankings and traffic, and those are the ones you should do first and work your way until you finish the last one on the list.

And then as you fix them, make sure you click the recall button within Uber Suggest on that site audit report, and it’ll double check to make sure you fixed it right so then that way, you know everything’s buttoned up.

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