The Dumbest SEO Hack

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a dead simple SEO hack that would just help boost your rankings, but didn’t require that much work. You don’t have to be that technical. You don’t have to build links. You don’t have to worry about keywords and yet you can just increase your rankings, well there is. Today I’m going to break down the dumbest SEO hack.



When I talk about the dumbest SEO hack, I don’t mean it in a negative way. I say it’s dumb because it’s really dead simple. It’s really obvious, very few people do it and it just works. So this is the blog, as you can tell by the URL up top, and I’m just going to go into one of my blog posts.

And as you scroll, and if you don’t have a blog you should consider adding one. You know, you see a normal blog post. You see comments at the very bottom as I scroll and then, you know, more people can leave comments if they want, through the comment box and you just see a footer navigation, but there’s something simple I did that just has really helped me boost my rankings.

What’s one thing that I did that just really helped me boost my rankings? What do you think it is? It’s actually this section here where it says guides. Okay, let’s go through them. I have a guide on digital marketing, online marketing, Google ad-words, Facebook advertising, remarketing, SEO, content marketing, growth hacking, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion optimization, marketing automation.

Now let’s Google all of them in order. Digital marketing, so digital marketing. I rank somewhere at the top on page one. All right, what’s the next one? So one for one, online marketing. Online marketing the key word. All right, I’m somewhere at the top as well, there you go. Now let’s go to next one, Google ad words. Probably not at the top for that one because it’s a Google branded term but I’m probably decently ranked.

Search and watch, WordStream I’m on page one, okay. And that one’s not bad, 550,000 searches, $8.46 cost per click. Next one Facebook advertising, Facebook advertising. Again, probably not number one because I’m not Facebook, but where am I at? On page one, cool, all right.

Let’s see, remarketing, that’s a one-word keyword, that one may be a little bit tougher. Google at the top, Google, Google, WordStream there I am, page one, towards the top. Next one, SEO, all right. I already know I’m on page one for this. All right, what’s the next one? Content marketing, content marketing, where am I? There you go, what’s the next one? And you could be like, oh, Neil’s not incognito.

Well, let me type in content marketing in the incognito browser, let’s see where I am. Copy, that’s at the bottom of page one, see, still page one. All right, and now let’s go back to the word blogging. I doubt I’m on page one for blogging. I’m on page one for blogging, growth hacking. Growth hacking, opt-in monster, opt-in monster number four.

What’s the next one? Social media marketing, social media marketing. The next one after that’s affiliate marketing. Social media marketing, buffer, sprout social word stream. Who’s sweet, Neil Patel. Let’s type in affiliate marketing, Neil Patel. That was the next one on the list.

Conversion optimization, then marketing optimization or marking automation, conversion optimization. Let’s see if I’m on page one. There you go, and then marketing, it’s marketing automation I believe yeah.

Now when you’re doing this, don’t just add in the link, add in whatever makes sense. Like with some of these, you know, online marketing, it could’ve put internet marketing or it could’ve put different variations, but my audience calls it online marketing.

So I put what’s relevant. I don’t put the word search engine optimization because everyone calls it SEO. I didn’t put Google ads even though that gets searched a lot.

I put ad words because most the people I know still call it ad words. So I don’t emphasize on the keyword, but by putting a lot of internal link juice, it helps with the ranking. So try that out, it’s really simple.

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