The Easiest Way to Get Clients For Your Ad Agency

The easiest way to get clients for your ad agency. It’s funny, everyone thinks it’s easy for me to close business. Even with a brand, it’s never easy. You always have to work hard to close deals. And when I started off, it was even harder, because I didn’t have a brand or the experience. Yeah, I still got to where I am today because I was able to close deals early on, and I continually use that money to reinvest.


So if you have a agency, today I’m going to share with you a strategy that’s worked for me when I was starting out, and it still works today. It’ll take you some work, but if you put in the energy, you will close deals. Best of all, you don’t need any sales skills. Instead, you just have to share your marketing skills or whatever you’re good at and your agency focus on.

So let me break down what I mean, how you can close new business. Oh, and I forget to mention, it works no matter what country you live in, and you don’t need any money to do it. Have you hear of the site called Crunchbase? It’s a site that breaks down all the venture-funded companies. It tells you who their investors are, the founders, how much money they even raise.

Now what I want you to do is look for companies and websites on Crunchbase that recently raise millions of dollars, all the way up to 20 million. You don’t want to look for sites that raise more than $20 million. Like, if someone raised $100 million, this strategy just doesn’t work for too large of corporations. Or, if it does work, it’s a very slim chance. But with smaller ones, it works extremely well. And what you want to do is tear down everything that they’re doing wrong from a marketing or a design perspective, or whatever services your agency offers. That is what I want you to focus with that that teardown.

So if you offer paid ad management, then you would tear down their website from a paid ad perspective. And if they don’t do paid ads, you would talk to them about how they’re missing a big opportunity and what results they could expect if they were doing paid ads.

If you offer conversion rate optimization services, break down how they can improve their conversion rates. If you offer design services, break down how they can make their website more usable. You get the point. But the key is to be very specific in your teardown. You have to use screenshots, break down solutions, and no, your solutions can’t be hire me. You literally have to tell them how to fix everything step-by-step, even if they decide to do it on their own without paying you. The more specific you get, the better this strategy will work.

Now what I want you to do is email off a few of the investors and founders that you find. Be kind, of course, with your email, but talk about your findings, what they’re doing wrong, and how they can grow faster. If you can’t find people’s email address, use, as this will show you people’s email address if you put their domain name in.

And that’s really it. All you have to do is send off that email. And at the bottom of the email, let them know, hey, if you just want me to fix all of this for you, I’m happy, willing to work with you. And when you’re doing this, the reason I said you need to send it off to investors and the founder, if you send the email off to both the investors and the founder in the same thread, there’s a good chance that they will respond, much higher than if you just email the founder alone, from what I tested.

And as a bonus, if you have the extra time, record it, right? Do this teardown in a video, do screen recordings. It converts even better. Requires a little bit more work, but it converts better. And once you do this, you’ll find that the fraction of the people that you email will convert, typically one out of every four and five emails, assuming your teardown’s good and you’re emailing people, you know, really solid step-by-step instructions that they can just implement on their own.

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