The Easiest Way to Get More SEO Traffic

What if there was a easier way to get SEO traffic to your website than writing thousands and thousands of articles? Today I’m going to break down the easiest way to get SEO traffic.


As you can see on my screen here, I’m logged into my Google Search Console. And I want to show you something really interesting. If I click the NEW button so I can filter more, I can go to Search appearance, then click on Videos. This is going to show me how much traffic I’m getting from things like videos, right, because I filtered down.

So over the years, I figure that, hey, I need to stop producing just content to get quote-unquote traffic. I need to get more relevant traffic because I don’t really help people with Instagram marketing from a business standpoint, but my ad agency NP Digital does help with things like SEO tools or growth hacking.

So we started focusing on videos that don’t just bring traffic, but bring quote-unquote our ideal customer. Nonetheless, as you can see here, I’ve gotten quite a bit of clicks from Google just from video SEO.

And I also have Ubersuggest, so that helps with that. “How to Track and Improve Your Rankings.” Again, doesn’t have the volume that, let’s say, Instagram followers has, but it can bring the ideal customers. That can help me generate more sales and more revenue for my ad agency.

But the key is I don’t just publish my content on YouTube. I’m also publishing it on my own website, and it’s driving a lot of traffic. I have content on WordPress, daily SEO tasks. I even have reels that I’ve been testing on YouTube, or shorts as they would call it on YouTube. Instagram’s more reels. And I just produce tons of video content each and every single week. And I don’t really do much to optimize it, right? I’m using all the code.

I’m just making sure how’s my site, how’s all the schema markup, stuff like that. Lets Google know what type of content I’m using. But the point I’m trying to make is just go and create video content and publish it on your blog. It’s not that competitive.

You can rank for a lot of stuff because what Google’s doing is they’re including it in the results, so not only do you have a chance of ranking for text, but, hey, there’s not as many people creating videos, so it’s not as competitive. And what I would recommend that you do is do your keyword research. So if you go to, and you’re just like, “All right, I’m in the digital marketing space.”

So you can go load up the Ubersuggest tool, which you can find at, and you can type in keywords related to anything. So I can type in digital marketing. And once you type in keywords like this, you’ll see the search volume.

Don’t worry about the SEO difficulty or the CPC. Typically, though, the higher the CPC, the more lucrative that term is going to be. And go create content all these popular terms. You can even create a video on digital marketing agency, digital marketing jobs, digital marketing company.

So in essence, what you want to do is you want to view all the keyword ideas, continually find more and more keywords that have good volume and high CPC. So digital marketing agency, way higher CPC than a lot of the other keywords here, which is great.

And once you find the keywords that you like, you can just keep track of ’em. So I would add agency, company, digital marketing company, let’s see, services, strategy, courses. I would add those to a list.

So in Ubersuggest, you can add it to a list. And I can create a list. Let’s go create a new one. So I can create one on YouTube video ideas. I click plus. And now those keywords are going to be added to this keyword list than I can get in the left-hand navigation side.

So then I can keep track of all the keywords that I need to go and create a YouTube video on. And if you just leverage this simple strategy over time, you can keep getting more and more traffic.

So it’s not just about going after volume. You want to go after volume with high CPCs that are related to your business. And don’t forget the related to your business part because if you do that, then you’ll get the views of the right audience and convert them into customers.

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