The Highest Reach and Engagement Content Types – Module 1 – Lesson 3 – Facebook Unlocked

Today I’m going to be breaking down the different content types on Facebook that you could be leveraging to help you get to 200,000 followers. Now I’m about to break down the types of content that will be very powerful to grow your views and reach on Facebook. So are you ready?

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Well, first off Facebook on mobile this is where they generate the majority of the revenue and this is where the majority of people are going to see your updates. So if your content isn’t mobile friendly and great for mobile devices, you’re not going to do that well.

So what kind of content should you post, so people when they’re scrolling in their feeds, because that’s when they’re going to typically see your information, what should you end up posting to get their attention? Well, let me break some of them down.

First, how to post, no matter how good a quality your content is, people love how to posts, that teach them how to do something specific.

And another thing that’s similar to how to material, is video tutorials, because Facebook loves video and they’re trying to go after YouTube.

Q and A’s, as long as you’re willing to answer everyone’s question, you can do ask whatever your name is, anything.

People also want roundups, there’s a lot of interesting stuff around the web, there’s over a billion blogs, so it’s hard to keep track of news within a space.

There’s also ways that you can make your content stand out just through creatives, whether it’s images or a carousel of images, or canvases, or videos all this kind of stuff can help your content stand out, so make sure you leverage these different creative types as well.

And there’s no one size fits all, what works for your competitor, even if in the same industry may not work for you, because a lot of times audiences are different, or when they started times were different and things worked out differently.

I also recommend that you test out, doing instructional guides This is what I first started off with back in the day, the advanced guide to SEO, this kind of stuff built a lot of back links, a lot of awareness and just drove tons of traffic.

If you have a podcast, also consider posting your podcast content on Facebook. If you don’t have a podcast, you should consider creating one, it’s booming right now, there’s not that many podcasts and whoever’s there, even if you don’t do much marketing at all, you’ll get a ton of listens.

Check out Facebook Messenger marketing as well, you can use tools like Many Chat to communicate with people on your fan page, this is a type of content.

I also would consider creating a video blog, video blogs are really cool because, it’s like them following your story, your life.

So if you go live, because they’re trying to compete with television networks, they’re much more likely to show that content to everyone, which will allow you to do better and better. When you’re going live, I recommend having some call to action in there, even if you’re telling people to go to a specific place and you can get leads and sales from that.

That’s what I repurpose my content and I put it everywhere, I’m putting my content on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, because it just gets me more traffic.

So with these Facebook content types, you won’t run out of ideas for a very long time and it should make it easier for you to repurpose.

And if you have any questions, leave a comment, I’ll do my best to answer it and help you out. If you want my team to just do everything for you, check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital.

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