The Long Term Marketing Tactic You Need to Start Focusing On

The long term marketing tactic that you need to start focusing on. I have tried literally most marketing strategies that you can think of. From sponsoring sports teams to television ads, from every form of digital marketing. You name it, I’ve probably tried it.

Well, what’s funny is small companies always miss one big strategy that large corporations tend to use. And what’s really funny is it drives a large chunk of the revenue for these big companies. But for some weird reason, startups and even mid-size companies don’t leverage it. Can you guess what it is? It’s partnerships.

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Just think of it this way. There are other companies that already have your ideal customer and you already have their ideal customer. Plus, you, in essence, are getting free marketing to your ideal customer, whether they sign up with you or not. So how do you make partnerships work for your business?

First, add a partnerships page to your website. Let people know that you’re accepting partners. This way, you can promote them and you should require that they promote you on their website too.

Second. You want partnerships that are mutually beneficial. If both companies can drive revenue to each other, they are likely to help one another out. If they can’t be mutual, what you’ll find is they won’t really drive you any revenue, you won’t drive them much revenue, or if one of you drives revenue, it won’t last for the long run.

Third, provide each other with presentations, documentations, and support to help drive revenue to one and another. Remember, a partnership usually requires a double sell. That means you have to sell twice. Once to the company that you want to partner with, and then they have to sell to their customers on paying you. And the same goes with you. Do you see how that’s a double sell? So if you don’t provide them with the right documentation when they’re selling on your behalf, they may not do a good job closing. That’s why you need to give them all the ammo that they need.

Fourth. You have to maintain your relationship with that partner. If you don’t, you’ll find that nothing will happen. Or if it’s generating revenue, eventually it’ll die down. The easiest way to maintain them is continue to try and send them more business, and follow up with calls and emails, and see if there’s any other things that you can do to help them out.

Last but not least, don’t expect great results from a partner program in one year or even two years. It moves super slow, like SEO, but after three or even four years, you’ll find that a large chunk of your revenue comes from partners. Usually not one partner, but instead, a small amount of revenue comes from each partner. And some partners won’t drive you much at all, but it’s a numbers game. And when you add it all up, it tends to be a lot of money.

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