The Perfect Landing Page Blueprint

Full dThe perfect landing page blueprint. Look, I’ve been doing marketing for over 20 years and I’m taking all that and putting it into this blueprint. From all the people that I’ve talked to and all the millions of dollars that my Ad Agency has driven through landing pages, I’ve seen what works and I’ve seen what doesn’t work and sadly, I’ve done lot of what doesn’t work to figure out eventually what works but you won’t have to go through that journey. You can just use all the stuff that works and avoid all the mistakes that I made, especially early on.



A landing page that captures a visitor’s attention, engages with them on a deeper level, deeper is really important so they convert and most importantly, make them open up their wallets so they want to buy or put in their lead information is the type of landing page you want to create.

And there’s some art on how you build landing pages that perform that well and there’s also science to it. It’s a little bit of both and I don’t know how much of an art, but I do know if there’s anything that I value more than anything else, it’s data. That’s the closest thing to science that I know so I’ll take it.

Now, when it comes to the landing pages, there are always a few elements that always affect results no matter what industry you’re in or what context your landing page is about and I can tell you that because I’ve seen minor tweaks to these elements drive thousands of dollars in additional sales, You’ll know what to do step-by-step and that’s why I love data. You can make the slightest adjustment to an element and boom, your page is driving more conversions, hundreds of thousand dollars in many cases in extra revenue.

So, let’s go over a few of these elements and the blueprint of the perfect landing page. You need navigation. You don’t want to create too much distraction. The less, the better. You want people to click and your points of conversion so the only thing to keep in a navigation is absolutely the critical stuff. Then you got your headline. With your headline, you need to think about your unique selling proposition and supporting copy that you can put in a sub-headline. It can act as direct extension of the headline.

Essentially, that’s a finishing thought that helps explain what you’re trying to convey and get across or it can offer additional value or convey a secondary persuasive message that is still related to headline. Then, you got a hero shot. Ideally, a hero image should show the context of use. Then, you want to have call to action. Without a call to action, no one’s going to know where to click. Be simple. Click here. Get started for free. Open up your account. Add to cart. These are all examples of call to actions at work.

And you want to try to use conversational language and let the visitors know exactly what they’re getting, when they click. So, like with my software companies, we do start my free trial. Why? Because they’re starting a free trial, or if you have 50% off and you have a promo running during black Friday, get 50% off your purchase. Also, keep in mind, there may be some compliance elements that you want to put on your landing page.

Put those depending on the industry you’re in. Then we have social proof. Direct quotes from your customers, logos, case studies, even video interviews or even your customers opening up their package if your E-Com, then you have review scores from sites like Yelp, Amazon, Capterra, G2.

Next, you want to have your benefits highlighted. The key here is to describe specific benefits along with features. A feature is a specific quality of a product or service while a benefit describes the positive impact that the feature has and that’s what people want to know once to make the purchase.

I also would offer a guarantee. If you have a 30 day money back guarantee or a refund, no questions asked, heck you didn’t even pay for shipping. The guarantee badges, help assure people that, “Hey, if I’m not happy, I’m going to get my money back.” That helps boost conversions almost every single time.

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