The Secret Local SEO Recipe – Module 2 – Lesson 3 – Local SEO Unlocked

This is our last lesson where I give a summary over everything. Local SEO is critical if you want your brick and mortar businesses stay relevant in the next five, 10 or even 20 years.

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That’s a huge chunk of searches now granted, some people are searching multiple times, but still it’s a massive market out there. And search engine optimization is one of the not only most efficient, but it’s also one of the most affordable marketing strategies out there.

Local search is so powerful for small businesses that four out of five customers use search to find local information. Hence you need to leverage it because it’ll allow your business to grow faster. And there’s a lot of hacks that you can leverage out there, and one of them that I want to share with you is, of course you verify your business. Once you submit it to Google My Business, but there’s also a Google Guarantee. search for Google Guarantee.

And if you go through that process and you apply for it with your local business, even though it takes a little bit of time, you’ll find that if you do the Google Guarantee, you’ll end up getting way more local search traffic, simple hack that you have to check out and use if you want more traffic. And local SEO is also a little bit different than normal SEO.

You can do a lot to optimize for this. And of course, one thing that’s super important with local SEO that’s not as important with national SEO is your reviews. Because if you don’t, someone else is going to offer better service, better products, and they’re going to get those ratings to help them climb to the top.

As we’re discussing reviews, please, please, please, and no matter no costs paid for reviews or do astroturfing. If you avoid this by doing kickbacks or anything that’s dodgy to get reviews, it’s going to create the wrong kind of environment and that’s shortsighted, it’s not going to help you succeed in the long run.

So what does it take to start your websites local SEO? Well, first off you need to optimize your website, which we covered over the previous lessons.

And then the next thing you need to do is expand to many platforms.

You need to have that content that doesn’t just discuss the keywords, but also discusses anything that’s within your local city that helps people get a better understanding of the solutions, the services you offer and how you can help them out.

So you want to be there and anytime you get bad reviews, don’t just hate on the bad reviews, try to take that feedback to heart and improve your product, your service, your offering, so that way you can get more positive reviews in the future, and that should also help you build citations.

Citations are super important because with your local efforts, these are all signals that can help you rank as the top. Citations is when people mention your name or your phone number, your website. There’s not necessarily a link they’re just mentioning you. And that’s good because not every time someone mentions you, they’re going to link out to you.

So summary, if you want to get the most out of this course, review it multiple times over the next year, use all the modules as your roadmap, especially when you’re getting stuck and work with the lessons and the worksheets, and just put in one hour a day if you have. And if you don’t put in a few hours a week and you’ll be off into the races.

You’re amazing for taking the time to learn a local SEO, so I want to thank you. And now it’s time for you to put everything that you’ve learned into action.

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