The ULTIMATE Facebook Custom Audience Tutorial 2023

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Time Stamps
0:16 – Recap of Previous Session
2:45 – Create Custom Audience
13:02- New Campaign
20:12 – Add Creative
26:10 – Create Remarketing
32:22- Conversions
41:39 – Task for the day

Welcome to the ultimate Facebook Custom Audience tutorial.

Facebook custom audiences are something every single Facebook advertiser should be using.

Advertising to people that have already interacted with your business using custom audiences on Facebook usually delivers fantastic results.

In this video, I show you exactly how to create Facebook custom audiences and how to use Facebook ads custom audiences to get the best results possible, including:

1) How to create customer list custom audiences on Facebook
2) How to create website custom audiences (including the various options Facebook provides)
3) Which Facebook custom audiences you should retarget using Facebook sources (such as video viewers, page engagement, etc.)
4) How to retarget Facebook custom audiences in your sales funnel
5) How to add your Facebook ads custom audiences to your ad sets
6) The most important Facebook custom audience mistakes to avoid

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