The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Online Business

Want to Start an Online Business?

This is my Ultimate Guide to launching an online business.



As a small business I would actually just focus on one website. It doesn’t have to have too many pages. It could just be a one page site or two or three page site and then go from there. Make sure you’re also submitting to all the localized directories. Yelp, City Search, right? Google Maps or Google Listings. By being in all those places, you’ll do better over time.

Type the keyword related to your industry. And it’ll tell you the most popular topics within your industry. Then from there you can be like, all right, can I actually create any visual piece of content based on these ideas? And then if you can then great, you now have idea that will resonate with people within your industry.

Just be creative. So anytime you have a problem, think outside the box. Usually you’re like, oh, well I can’t solve it because it’s too expensive or it takes too much time. Those are the normal solutions that everyone looks at. What are the unique creative solutions that you may not be thinking about, right? You have to change your mindset. And once you change your mindset and you start being more creative. And then if you can’t come up with ideas ask some friends on, Hey, what are some creative approaches that I could be potentially using to solve X Y Z problems? You’ll then end up coming up with solutions that could potentially work.

I have this problem with ADD I try to do too many things or too many ideas. He’s like, just focus on one that works and keep trying to grow it. And once you’ve plateaued and can’t grow it anymore, then expand. If what you’re mainly doing is growing and it’s still working then ignore all the other ideas that you may have. ‘Cause there’s not enough time in the day. Just focus on what’s already working.

I really am passionate about marketing and it’s like if you don’t really love what you’re doing you’re going to end up quitting. But if you do love what you’re doing, not only will you do it longer, more hours, but you won’t quit. And time is what really can help you succeed. Me, a ton of other people, the Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world, the Elon Musk, they’re way more successful than I am but if you look at everyone it’s not like we came out of, you know, day one out of the gates and were successful. We all went through struggles but time is what helps us become more successful. Cause you learn from your mistakes and you learn what not to do.

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