This Audio Editing Tool “Deep Faked” My Voice 👀 (Actually Useful or SCARY?)

I’ve been using a new tool, Descript, for editing audio and video, and it’s definitely made my life a lot easier. It’s actually a game-changer. However, within the tool, there’s a feature called Overdub that allows the program to read text in your voice, without you having to record it. Let me show you:

So what do you think? Useful, or not?

Also, here’s a link to a video where I show you more about how awesome this tool is for general editing for podcasts and videos:


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How Affiliate Marketers Can Promote Their Products – The Old-Fashioned Way!

This post discusses, basically, a few of the attempted and checked typical techniques of advertising which are unfortunately ending up being neglected by several associate marketing experts as well as marketers as a whole. Right here I explain why a few of the older techniques will certainly still have a big effect on your consumers.

Marketing In Your Local Area

Advertising and marketing in your neighborhood location can be really efficient. A couple hours of networking weekly is setting on your own up for lengthy term results.

Intelligent Marketing, Attracts Intelligent Customers

When you begin marketing online it is simple to get captured up in marketing the method everyone else does. In this competitive on the internet world though it is essential to climb over the typical and show individuals why working with YOU is better. Knowledge in marketing will certainly make sure that you attract intelligent marketers, customers as well as lengthy term customers.

Content Marketing: Building Business Through Quality Advertising!

Content Advertising is just producing beneficial contents as well as sharing them to attract as well as convert visitors to possible as well as repeat consumers. Allow me place focus on the word ‘valuable’, yes you do not simply share anything! Rather, you spread write-ups, video clips, audios and also other materials with things that matter or closely associated to your specific niche or item. This is to inform individuals what your company is around, and also why they must trust you and do business with you.

The Tale Of A Small Business Owners Website Blunder

As a small business proprietor, if you are attempting to take care of a website on your own, these are errors that can be made. Local business proprietors are captured between trying to function with present consumers, locating new clients and managing their organization. There are several relocating parts to make a successful organization run, that is impossible to try to do it alone. You require to locate the best people as well as devices that can aid you manage the parts of your organization that demand focus, but can be offloaded.

Top Online Marketing Strategies – Proven And Effective Strategies!

Leading internet marketing techniques that are shown as well as reliable are the ones you ought to be selecting and applying in your online business. Understanding and also carrying out an approach or a system that you believe is the best business strategy that will certainly work for your net advertising and marketing calls for careful planning. Undoubtedly, there are so several methods or systems that really work, or at the very least strategies that currently benefited others. But that does not provide you the assurance that the details method or system that you selected will additionally function for you.

Ideas To Make Money: Grow Your Online Business!

Organizing occasions with special prizes and free gifts is one of the best concepts to generate income online. It is among one of the most reliable means to introduce your product to individuals and make them familiar with your business and what you can provide them. Though you can not truly anticipate to see results or conversions during the occasions because many of your readers or prospective consumers are all hoping to win!

Why You Should Combine Paid And Free Advertising

Do you need more website traffic to your internet site? If so, do you know exactly how to set about getting it? You do not have to overcomplicate the procedure.

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