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SEO traffic goes up and down all the time, so what do you do when you need a quick boost of traffic? It has almost nothing to do with your website. In fact, this traffic hack relies completely on social media. Can you guess what it is? It’s use Instagram Stories. Instagram is still huge, with over 2 billion, not million, billion, monthly active users, and 59% of them who log in every day. So what should you be promoting on your Instagram Story in order to drive more traffic?

One, I want you to promote a product. 36% of the Stories promote a product. It works. Now with this product, when you’re doing a Story, just don’t say, “Hey, here’s your product, swipe up to buy it.” You can have multiple Stories talking about the benefit of the product and how great it is, in essence, you’re making your pitch on Instagram, and then they swipe up to go to the the landing page. You don’t want them to have to go to the landing page to learn more about the product, you want them to learn about the product through the Story so that way you’re drop-off rate isn’t as big, so then when they swipe up, all they have to do is just complete the purchase.

Number two, broadcast live events. Show off what you’ve been working on or something new that you’re about to release. 10% of brand Stories feature various live events. When you end up doing that, people get excited, it builds anticipation, and you end up generating more sales. Have you noticed there’s a company that everyone knows that’s really good at this? It’s called Apple. Apple does big product launches, they have live events, and they build up that anticipation. Stories can help you do that as well.

Three, explainer videos. Users love tutorials. 5% of businesses use Instagram Stories for how-to videos. And these how-to videos help you build a bond with your audience, then they can swipe up, go to your website, read the rest of the blog post or watch the rest of the video, and that will help to drive you way more traffic. And we found it super effective for people to start becoming more loyal to your blog, becoming a reader, subscribing to it through email, or by just following you on any of the social networks out there.

Four, new blog posts. If you’re blogging, you can’t just post on your website and hope for the best. Promote the heck out of it. I share my content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, any social network out there, and I’ll even put in a new Story, “Check out this blog post, swipe up to read it,” and I’ll put something that’s catchy in the Story. So I may talk about, “Google’s about to release a new update. Swipe up to learn what it is and how to be prepared for it.” That’ll cause a lot of people to come to my website and learn more.

Five, contests or sweepstakes. Want to really keep your audience engaged? Show off how they can win something exciting. Maybe a consultation, a free trial, or something exciting that you’re willing to give. Sweepstakes, giveaways, they’ve worked for ages, keep using them. That’s why when you go to a mall, you still see those giveaways of free cars. Or even you go to casino, they have all these giveaways. Why do they do that? Because it works.

Six, user generated content. Look, UGC, or user generated content, is huge. 93% of marketers agree that content created by consumers perform better than branded content. For example, if you’re selling a product, and someone else has a video of them opening up and reviewing how amazing it is, put it in your Story. It’ll create more trust and more sales.

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