This is What $1,500 Gets You in Website Traffic: Facebook Ads VS Google Ads

What’s better, Google or Facebook Ads? Well, we’re about to find out. This is what $1,500 gets you in website traffic, Facebook Ads versus Google Ads.

Facebook Ads:
Google Ads:

Facebook Ads spend reached $31.43 billion in 2020, despite COVID 19. Now, in 2021, they did even better, and they continually to just keep growing. And they’re poised to increase by a whopping 20%-22% in the next year, according to eMarketer.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are some of the most important ad platforms in the market today. Not only because they have a huge number of people that you can reach, but it also drives results.

I wouldn’t be in business or a digital marketer if I was spending a dollar to lose a dollar. I’m in digital marketing, because when I spend a dollar, I make more than a dollar. And there’s a couple of reasons on why digital marketing is so amazing.

It’s because your ability to segment your audiences and reach very specific groups of people in almost instant timeframe. You also have a lot of data to understand what’s going on, what’s not working, where you should invest more, where you should invest less, because not everything’s going to work out the way you want.

Now, let’s say, you had $1,500 to spend on paid ads, how much traffic would you be able to generate?

First off, the industry you’re in. If you’re in things in like going after cases, let’s say, in like legal, or mesothelioma, or auto insurance, you’re going to get a lot less visitors than if you’re in, let’s say, e-commerce.

How many competitors are willing to pay for the clicks in your industry, also, affect how many visitors you’re going to get. Also, how well crafted and targeted your ads are also affected. If your ads suck, people don’t want to click on them, you’re not going to get a lot of visitors and you’re going to have to pay more for each click, because it’s costing these networks money to show up yours ads.

Now, whether or not you’re doing remarketing or retargeting, that’s another question, because that can affect your cost. Seasonality is a huge one. If you’re selling Christmas trees, you could bet, if you’re selling Christmas trees in February each year, probably not going to get any clicks.

Now, according to WordStream, in the real estate industry the average click-through rate is 3.71%. That means you get on average 189 visitors a month with an average cost per click of $2 and 25 cents, and this would cost you an average of $427. And it would take you roughly three months to spend all your budget. By the end, you have roughly 667 visitors.

Now, with Facebook Ads, it’s hard to predict how many clicks you would get and in how much time. But based on the estimation costs from WordStream for real straight industry, we can at least get a sense of how many visitors you would get and roughly at what cost per click.

According to WordStream, per click on Facebook Ads targeting real estate it would be around a dollar and 81 cents. If you take a budget of $1,005 and divide it by a dollar and 81 cents that will lead you to roughly 828 clicks.

Now, I’m not saying that these would be the actual numbers that you would see in real life in a campaign, but it gives you a pretty good idea and rough estimations based on previous data. In theory, Facebook Ads will give you 161 visitors more than Google, but that would depend on how your ads are performing on both platforms.

Overall for most businesses, we see them spending more money on Google, because Google converts better. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t just use Google or Facebook, I would use both. As long as it’s profitable, keep scaling them both up.

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