Tips for Beginner Angel Investors

You get a little older into your 30s, you’re more mature, you know, you’re married, starting a family, all this stuff, and now, you know, you mentioned your income numbers now. You’re just, you’re generating a lot of income, and it’s like, investing the income and recycling it as investments come to fruition and liquidate.

What kind of external help or what kind of structure do you use to kind of help guide you and to cut down on the headaches, can I call them headaches involved with all this?


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I call them, so we have a team. Let’s just say there’s one person that I talk to who deals with everything, right? And he deals with the headaches, and then from there, he hires people and deals with everything from lawyers, to accountants, to people who deal with trusts, to people who are analyzing some investments like stocks, and keep, you know, our angel investments, things like that, although I don’t really deal well with people who are giving me angel deals or private equity deals.

I like more so doing them myself and being involved in that. I don’t like dealing with a lot of the mundane stuff or dealing with stocks, although I will do some of my own trades, like I called up one of my guys and I’m like, “What do you think about Fresh Republic ?” And this is when all the banks were crashing. And I remember the weekend, right then and there, it was the government said, “We’re going to back stop some of these stocks,” or the banks.

And yeah, like, I am a minimalist to some extent, and I still want the returns, so I just keep going and going. And when I look at all these money managers that are like, I look at their stock returns versus my stock returns. Buy like, HubSpot in the early days, and Shopify, and Google, and Amazon, and some of those not too early, because I’m not that old, but buying them early enough, and just holding. I’m like, “Well, my returns are better than your guys, and you guys try to do all these complex things, and try trading or just buying the S&P.”

And I’m like, I just buy companies like Apple that I believe in, and I hold, because I understand technology, and my biggest diversification into non-tech for money I manage personally, right? Not talking about the family office, but I manage personally, my only outside investment outside of tech was Disney, because they got into streaming, and eventually, I ended up selling the Disney stock, but I’m all in tech, you know? Some of my other guys do non-tech, and I took a beating last year, and they’re like, “See, this is why.”

But if I look at my average returns from when I got in, I’m crushing all these money managers. I’m not saying like, I’m a better trader than Ray Dalio or anything. I have a small amount of money, versus some of these guys who are dealing with like, 100 plus billion, but just buying Apple stock back in the early days gives you amazing return, or HubSpot stock. I don’t really look at what did they do this quarter?

I’m like, believe in the operators, believe in the business model. Buy, don’t look, and 10 years from now, you’ll see where the stock’s at.

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