Top Skills Every Marketer Needs

Ready to go to the next level? These are the skills that make exceptional marketers stand out.

Mark A. Preston:

We work with medium businesses all the way to large corporations. We have some small businesses, but you know, typically most of our revenue does come from large corporations. What I mean that, I love it because a little guy can get results. You can go use tools, and learn a lot on your own, and do SEO without having a big money investment, if you’re willing to put in the time and energy yourself. A lot of other marketing forms don’t exist, or they exist but they don’t provide those kind of results without money. Some of the other marketing channels out there you have to put in money to get results.

Quick wins sometimes exist. When you say “quick wins”, a lot of people just get lucky. But here’s a great example. So everyone in the SEO industry is familiar with ChatGPT. It’s a project from OpenAI. OpenAI was founded in 2015. ChatGPT did not just come out this month or last month, or the last year. They’ve been working on the whole vision, whole product since 2015. It’s not a overnight success. Sam Altman isn’t an overnight success before this, Y Combinator. He did a lot of other things before that. Did a lot of angel investing. He’s been an entrepreneur for ages. The point I’m getting at is, everything worthwhile just takes time. Yes, sometimes people get lucky and things just blow up overnight, but it’s extremely rare. That’s like pulling a needle in a haystack.

My day-to-day is a lot of phone calls, meetings, some content creation, answering emails, strategy stuff, working on client accounts. Typical, normal day spending time with kids. Watching some TV like news. I watch BBC quite a bit. We’re between seven and 800 employees. We’re US, Canada, UK, Brazil, Australia, India, Singapore, Germany. We’re about to have Portugal and Spain. When I’m saying these regions, we actually have a managing director, someone leading up a specific region. But we have people in many different regions on top of that as well. But my guess is we’ll probably have, be in over 20 countries with leaders in each of those countries by the end of 2023.

Family fits in great. I’m at home, I work from home. And I see my kids often throughout the whole day, and I play with ’em, and I read to them, and all that kind of good stuff. So yeah, I try to be there as a parent. All the major events and everything like that. And you know, try to support my kids in whatever they decide to do in life and whatever makes ’em happy.

I create content. We try to educate and help through that, but I’m actually not that involved in much. My wife is. So I try to focus on building a business. My wife focuses on philanthropy and tries to help through that. So she spends her full-time raising kids and helping out a lot of different organizations.

I don’t really look at it as like a feeling. I look at it as more like a, there’s a lot of things that are wrong, and as humans if we have the ability to help others out, you should. Right? I don’t look at it as a feeling. What makes me feel better isn’t the helping other people out. It’s actually seeing things improve. There’s so many kids out there that people are like, “oh, they don’t live in good areas. “They’re not going to succeed”. Well, if you gave them the tools and the education, why can’t they? They’re hungry. Who says they’re not smart? Who says they can’t accomplish amazing things? Who says they can’t build multi-billion dollar companies? Who says they can’t cure cancer? And for me it’s more like, it’s sad to see a lot of people in this world not have opportunities, and others help ’em out. And helping ’em, yes. You could say it is a good feeling, but what’s a better feeling for me is seeing change, and then seeing the people that you help out try to help other people as well, and just continue. And hopefully, it’ll make the world a better place. I say more so like, what’s a good feeling is what Elon Musk is doing. What he’s doing is tremendous, right? Trying to make it where people can live on multiple civilizations, not have a single point of failure, being Earth. That’s crazy in a good way. I don’t have the capability to do what he does. It’s not just even money. Sure I don’t have the money he does, but I don’t also have the brain power and intellect.

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