Turn Your Idea Into a Real Business – 10 Steps from 0 to 100s of Sales Opportunities

And I want to teach you a lot on how to grow your small business. Today I’m going to be talking about how to turn your idea into a real business. And what I’m going to be breaking down to you today is going to be based on all the stuff that I know that works that worked not just for me, but that’s also work for our clients, and we have literally hundreds of clients in all different kinds of industries, whether it’s D2C, B2B, whether it’s B2C, it could be a realtor, accountant, it could be a mom and pop business, selling food or restaurants, or it could even be an enterprise company or a fortune 1000 company.


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So step one, turning an idea and to a product, right?

The next thing I want to cover is turning an idea into a business.

Number three, lead capture.

Hack number four, or technically step number four, Facebook hacks.

Now let’s dive into some YouTube hacks.

So number six, sales process.

And then you get into strategic plan.

Number eight, neilpatel.com. I get a lot of traffic. You can see the stats here. And the reason I get traffic is because I created a lot of educational based content.

Nine, training content. I love this one. I have a lot of training content, neilpatel.com, neilpatel.com/training.

And number 10, I want you to think longterm. It’s all about the long game.

Look, last year and a half we had stuff like COVID and stuff, some ups and downs, but I play the long game. I don’t really worry about what’s going to happen in a year. I look at what’s going to happen in the long run. Sometimes things don’t go the way I want. Sometimes things go great, but it really is all about playing the long game. And when I do that, I built up a lot of traffic, built up a lot of demand.

Nothing great is built overnight. There is no fly by night successes because those fly by night successes usually go down just as quick as they came.

So the key takeaways is you got to go and do something, play the long game in whatever you’re executing on. Whether you pick the YouTube strategy or whether you pick, follow my a 100K challenge or any of that stuff, you got to just take action.

If you don’t take action, you’re not going to do well. And when you’re doing this, don’t expect to get results right away. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but that’s the reality. Marketing takes time.

So let’s go over 10 steps to build a solid digital marketing strategy. Turn an idea into a product, then you want to turn an idea into a business, capture some leads, leverage the Facebook hacks, then do the YouTube stuff. Follow the sales process, on-going optimization and leverage my blog. A lot of the tactics I use and create your own content like that. Also create training content and then think long-term.

So that’s it. Thank you guys very much for your time. I hope your businesses are growing. Appreciate you joining the summit.

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