URGENT! Affiliate Program Pays You When No One Buys (IHub Global Review)

URGENT! Affiliate Program Pays You When No One Buys (IHub Global Review)
Get Your Free Miner and Join The Affiliate Program here: https://jonmontoya.ihub.global/ihubregister

In this iHub Global review we will take a deep look at the platform to find out :

What is the platform about?
Who is behind the iHub Global platform?
How does it work?
What products or services does it offer to users,
What is the start-up cost,
The iHub Global compensation plan,
The pros and cons and my honest point of view.

How does iHub Global work?
iHub Global offers a new way for users to mine the helium crypto (HNT) By placing the Helium Hotspot HNT Mining device in their home or office. Users can also recruit other people and get paid a commission on their earnings.

Here is how it works:

You sign up with Ihub Global,

You order your free Helium Hotspot HNT Mining device. This is what you will use to mine HNT once you got it.

You recruit other people to the platform and they get their helium hotspot, you get paid a 10% override commission on HNT earned by their hotspot.

Why join iHub Global?
The answer is simple.

Though you hear once this quote from J. Paul Getty: “I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than a 100% of my own efforts“.

It is a quote used in the MLM industry and network marketers use it usually to convince their prospects.

The iHub Global distribute the Helium Hotspot miner through an MLM program.

When ordering your Hotspot from iHub Global, you are joining a network and all the HNT you get goes into iHub and then is
paid out to you, your referer, and a part of it goes to iHUB Global itself.

It seems you are losing money by getting your Hotspot via the iHub Global platform.

But when you do quick math you still win – mainly if you refer other people and they get their own Hotspot miner.

Since the company, is free to join and investing in it is optional, you don’t have to fear any loss (apart from your valuable time) as there are data harvest companies out there.

But you are supposed to make money from it.
Get Your Free Miner and Join The Affiliate Program here: https://jonmontoya.ihub.global/ihubregister

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