What Google’s Quick Read Test Tells Us About the Future of SEO

What Google’s Quick Read tells us about the future of SEO. If you haven’t seen yet, Google’s running an experiment called Quick Read. It is where they let you know in the search results if something is fast read or not. It looks something like this. It’s actually been going on for a bit. So why do you think Google’s running this experiment? Let me know in the comments. I’m really curious to hear your thoughts.

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Do you think it’s because they want to point out something is short, something is long, something is bad, something is good, let me know, right? No one really knows the answer. Google’s not telling us. But I have some insights. Well, think of it this way. We took some data from Ubersuggest. We looked at 562 informational search queries. Can you guess what percentage of the first page results contained over 2000 words? A whopping 41.9%.

As a searcher, do you prefer reading long articles or short ones? The reality is, you don’t care what the length is. You just want the answer to your question as quick as possible. In other words you want someone to solve your problem as quick as possible. Whether that’s one second or a minute, you ideally don’t want to take too long. If you can get it in a minute, great. If not, then you’re hoping to get in two minutes, and if that’s not possible you’re ideally hoping to look to get the solution to your problem within three minutes and so forth, so on.

But no one wants to read a 10 minute article to find the answer when they could have gotten the answer in one minute. A great example of this is, would you want to read a 10 minute article that breaks down the answer to two plus two? Of course not. You just want to know that the answer is four. SEO isn’t about word count. And you can see this with what Google is trying to do here with their Quick Read test.

Don’t optimize your content for length, optimize it for quality, and give people what they want as quick as possible. Sometimes you just need 10,000 words to do that, and sometimes you only need 300 words. Google wants people to get the answers to their problems as quick as possible. It’s why when you type in stuff like Las Vegas weather into Google, you see weather right away instead of having to go to a random webpage.

If you want to do well in the long run, optimize for giving people what they want in the least amount of words as possible. Just imagine yourself searching Google for solution. Are you going to go click on a quick read result, or are you going to take the long painful path? I’m just saying giving people what they want as quick as possible is the ideal thing to do. That’s how you win with content marketing in the long run.

Now, if you need help with your content marketing strategy trying to figure out, hey, should something be long, short, how can I give that impact as quick as possible even though my competitors have really long content? Check out our ad agency, NP Digital where we help our customers do this. If you just have any questions, leave a comment below. I’m here to answer them, help you out. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. Thank you for your time.

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