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Hello Guys in this Video I am Explaining What is Quality Score and How to improve Quality Score. Quality score is a score given by Google.Quality Score is intended to give you a general sense of the quality of your ads. The 1-10 Quality Score reported for each keyword in your account is an estimate of the quality of your ads and the landing pages triggered by them. Three factors determine your Quality Score:
Expected clickthrough rate
Ad relevance
Landing page experience
So, having a high Quality Score means that Google think your ad and landing page are relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad.

Quality Score is based on past performance data
Quality Score is an aggregated estimate of how well a keyword has performed overall in past ad auctions. Based on this data, each of your keywords gets a Quality Score on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest.

Null Quality Scores, designated by “—” in the table, appear when there aren’t enough impressions or clicks to accurately determine a keyword’s Quality Score.
Quality Score: Definition
Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.

You can see your Quality Score by adding the Quality Score column to a report.
The Quality Score is reported on a 1-10 scale and includes expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.
The more relevant your ads and landing pages are to the user, the more likely it is that you’ll see higher Quality Scores.
Quality Score is an aggregated estimate of your overall performance in ad auctions, and is not used at auction time to determine Ad Rank

About ad relevance
Ad relevance measures how closely related your keyword is to your ads.

There are three possible statuses your keywords can have:

Above average
Below average
Having an “average” or “above average” status means that there are no major problems with this keyword’s ad relevance when compared to all other keywords across Google Ads.

A “below average” status means that your ad or keyword may not be specific enough or that your ad group may cover too many topics. Try creating tightly-themed ad groups by making sure that your ads are closely related to a smaller group of keywords.

Use this status to help identify keywords that might not be relevant enough to your ads to perform well.

It’s possible for a keyword to have a high Quality Score and low ad relevance (or vice versa) because Google Ads looks at a number of different quality factors when determining Quality Score. Even if your overall Quality Score is high, looking at the individual factors can help you identify potential areas for improvement.

To see the ad relevance status for your keywords, hover over a keyword’s status in the “Status” column. You’ll be able to see ratings for expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.

Paused keywords will retain whatever scores they had when they were last active. Therefore, it may not be useful to look at these scores over time. We encourage advertisers to focus on active keywords when looking at their Quality Score sub-metrics, since these scores will be constantly updated.

Ad Rank
A value that’s used to determine your ad position (where ads are shown on a page relative to other ads) and whether your ads will show at all. Ad Rank is calculated using your bid amount, your auction-time ad quality (including expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience), the Ad Rank thresholds, the competitiveness of an auction,the context of the person’s search , and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.

Actual cost-per-click (CPC): Definition
Your actual cost-per-click (actual CPC) is the final amount you’re charged for a click. You’re often charged less — sometimes much less — than your maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid, which is the most you’ll typically be charged for a click.

Actual CPC is often less than max. CPC because with the Google Ads auction, you only pay what’s minimally required to clear the Ad Rank thresholds and beat the Ad Rank of the competitor immediately below you. And if there are no competitors immediately below you (for example, if no competitors other than you have cleared their Ad Rank thresholds), you only pay the reserve price.
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