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Hello guys in this video I’m explaining what is social listening and sentimental analysis social listening is nothing but absorbing what customers are talking about your brand what they mentioning is there a positive reviews or negative reviews so if you absorb them you can better serve them it’s kind of a customer support as well assume that one customer spoke negative about your brand and you’re not absorbing there is a possibility it will spread find a complete brand value will decrease .

That’s why you have to be very fast use some tools on social listening and find out what people are mentioning about it find reply back to them so this is how you can increase the brand name the best tool for social listings connect insight is really good actually apart from that you can use food sweet before social sprout and many other tools so here I’m I’m showing example of the connecting site and I’m going through the dashboard as well this is a pen plugin but they giving you one month free trial you can understand what’s happening if you like it you can go for the premium one
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Branding Your Business Via Contextual Advertising

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