When You Have Thousands of Website Visitors but Can’t Sell More Than $100/Month

There are nine reasons why you typically can’t sell anything to your website visitors. Today I’m going to break down when you have thousands of website visitors, but you can’t sell more than $100 a month to your audience.

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The first reason is poor keyword targeting. Look, not targeting your ideal buyers is useless, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you have. It’s not just about getting traffic, it’s about intent. So what I want you to do is go to Ubersuggest, type in a keyword related to your space, and then on the left side, go to the keyword ideas report. The keyword ideas report shows you all the keywords within your industry. And this is giving you lot and lot of ideas. I want you to look for the keywords that have high traffic volumes and a high CPC. CPC stands for cost per click.

The second reason is no sales funnel. Look, sales is like dating. But if you have a sales funnel, you can actually start converting people better because you’re taking them through the stages they need to go to in order to convert them.

Check out our product called Click Funnels, it helps you create funnels really quickly, and they have templated funnels, depending on what industry you’re in they’ll automatically convert well.

The third reason, no sales process. Ton of money is in sales. Just look at the company sales force, they’re massive. Why are they massive? Because they’re sales.

So build out a sales team, there’s a lot of books that can help you that with sales such as “Winning by Design,” or “The Little Red Book to Selling” I believe it’s called, check that one out as well. And they’ll just help you get better at sales, and that can help you generate more revenue as well.

The fourth reason your product or service isn’t a winner. One way is you just be in business long enough. But to be in business long enough, you need to a good product or service. If you have amazing product or service, that’s what’s going to create the growth in the word of mouth.

Fifth reason, mismatch between your traffic and the product and service that you’re offering. For example, back in the day I used to go after a lot of keywords related to Instagram marketing, because there’s so much traffic related to it. So just how to get more followers or how to make money on Instagram, because I’m like, hey, you know, people who pay me for marketing they all use Instagram so I should educate them on Instagram marketing. But even though that is marketing, there’s a mismatch.

Number six, you don’t have enough authority or credibility yet to endorse your product or service. I’m like, look, if I can rank my own website against other marketers in the most competitive industry, I can rank your website, and that really does help. You got to get that credibility, and at the beginning, it takes a while to really build it up but in the long run you’ll get there.

Number seven, fine-tune your checkout process. A big thing in checkout process, I learned two big things that really do help. The first thing is what the checkout process is, number one, it’s all about two step checkout. The second thing that I found with checkout is, people want those options for payment.

Eight, split test your product pages and see what’s working best with your audience. It’s all about conversion optimization. Just because you have a hundred visitors, you may not get one to buy from you or two or three. And if you’re not, in many cases there will be something wrong especially getting thousands of visitors.

And nine, work on your call to action buttons. So again, it’s all about your CTAs and you can test that as well within Crazy Egg. Whether that’s add to cart, add to checkout, start your free trial, some of these bonds have a huge impact on sales and it may not be 20, 30%, but even if it’s a few conversion points it all really does add up.

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