Why I Feel Investing In Realistic Is A Mistake

My first couple years of the career, I started really young. So there really wasn’t any corporate jobs. I started when I was 16, so there really wasn’t any corporate jobs, but I started creating websites, getting traffic, got good at it, wasn’t good at making money, was just good at getting traffic to a website, right ? And more people that go to a website more likely to make money although I couldn’t figure out the money portion.


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And eventually I got really good at the traffic part, frustrated about the rest. So every day I got home from school, I would call all the people that were placing ads on Google cuz you could see if it was labeled like a sponsored or paid ads. I don’t know what the verbiage that they used back then. And I would call them, they’re like, “I’ll do marketing for free. I’ll get you traffic. If I get you traffic, pay me. If I don’t, don’t pay me.” It wasn’t really like a guarantee pitch, it was more so like, if you’re happy, pay me. If you’re not, don’t.

When you’re a little kid, you’re wasting hours watching TV, you’re playing basketball. So I’d waste hours on websites. Most people ended up paying me. Got a good start there, built an agency. The agency started making a few million bucks when I was a kid. But it crashed really hard in 2008 during the financial crisis, right, with all the subprime mortgages and stuff like that. But luckily before the crash, a few years before that, I started creating software, and I created an analytics company. And during the 2008 crash, the analytics company was continually growing month over month. It didn’t really see any pullback.

This was Crazy Egg. So then I shifted resources, and I didn’t shift it by choice. I shifted by more so had no choice because the agency was continually declining in revenue and profitability, and the software company was growing. So stopped doing agency work, kept doing software. The software companies, I think crazy because like 16 years old now and we still have it. But when businesses just get old, and if you create a good enough product or good service, you don’t have to be the best. It kind of just grows through word of mouth. If you do it long enough and continually adapt and listen to the market and give them what they want.

You have to have create good product or good service, and you have to continually adapt and keep up with the competition. But that’s worked out well for us and some of it did really well. And overall, the winners made up for the losers plus more. And then my latest company, NP Digital, got back into that space because we were just getting so many leads and have fun time doing that.

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