Why Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work (For Most People)

Why social media marketing doesn’t work for most people? It doesn’t matter if it is Facebook, or Instagram, or LinkedIn, or even Twitter. Social media marketing just doesn’t work, or at least for most people. And no, it’s not because you don’t have enough followers, instead, it doesn’t work because you only focus on getting more followers. See, that’s the issue. Let’s say you want a million followers. If you want lots of followers, you have to create content that appeals to the masses.


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For example, I’m in digital marketing, that’s a vertical I’m in. I own a digital marketing agency called NP Digital. And I can start to create more generic content, and my follower account will rise faster, which is funny because that’s what my social media team keeps telling me to do. But I don’t. Why? Because yes, it’ll get us more followers faster, but every time we do that, you can guess how many more clients we get or even leads? It gets us a whopping zero extra leads clients and revenue. And I’ve tested this out hundreds of times, literally.

So my most popular content pieces I’ve created have been around lifestyle marketing, such as spending money on fancy clothes or what I learned from flying first class on over a hundred trips. And I’m not saying you should fly first class. There’s nothing wrong with economy. It creates buzz, but it doesn’t convince our ideal customers to work with us.

On the flip side, if I give SEO tips or marketing tips, do you know what happens? I get way less views. I get way less likes on my content. But people who watch my content are interested in SEO, and a portion of those people eventually convert into leads and some even in customers.

In other words, yes, you need followers to make social media marketing work for you, and of course, you need great content, but the big mistake that people make, it’s that they create content that focuses on the masses so they can boost this vanity metric AKA follower account, instead of focusing on creating content that targets their ideal customer. So with your social media marketing, focus on your ideal customer and not on everyone. That’s how you make it work.

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