Why You Should Create a Podcast Today

Why you should create a podcast today. Do you know what the least competitive marketing channel is? The one that’ll give you the most attention for the least amount of content that you’ll have to create? Well, based on this title, I’m pretty sure you can guess it’s podcasting. If you already haven’t, you need to create a podcast.

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To put it in perspective, there are roughly 7.5 billion people in this world. There are roughly a billion blogs. That’s a billion with a B. That’s roughly one blog for every 7.5 people. Now with podcasting, according to Earth Web, there are roughly 2 million podcasts out there. That’s roughly one podcast for every 3,750 people. In other words, it isn’t as competitive. And I know you’re thinking, “Neil, do people really listen to podcasts?” Sure, blogs are really popular, but people read content.

Well, my podcast Marketing School gets roughly one million listens a month, technically a little bit more than that. And if that doesn’t convince you, 51% of Americans are listening to podcasts according to podcast insights. And 37% of Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. If you’re going after a elder demographic, great.

According to Neil Schaffer, 25% of consumers who are older than 55 years old listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. And according to Convince & Convert, the average podcast listener spends six hours and 39 minutes a week listening to podcasts each and every single week. So what are you waiting for? Start a podcast. I’m telling you, it’s done wonders for my business.

It can drive more revenue, drive sales, a lot of leads, a lot of brand awareness. Heck, we even a hosted event called Marketing School based off our podcast years ago, in person conference, and we filled up the room just by marketing through our own podcast to our listeners. And the event was based in Los Angeles and our readers, or listeners more so, are based all over the world. We literally had over 300 people. And at that time we didn’t even have a million listeners. So the point is start a podcast.

Now, if you’re going to create a podcast, you’re probably wondering, “Neil, how do I come up with all the topics that I should be podcasting about?” Well, here’s a quick trick that I use. Think of it this way. If people are doing searches on Google, that means they’re interested in that topic.

So if you take all the popular searches, whether they’re three word keywords or five word keywords, or all the popular questions people are asking, and if you integrate those topics into your podcast and more so create podcast episodes around those topics, you’ll get way more listens.

So, the quick hack for this is you go to Ubersuggest, you type in keywords or a string of keywords, and under the keyword idea section, it’ll give you all the keywords that are similar that people are searching. Some of the keywords have your root keyword in there. Like if you type in digital marketing, some of the other keywords may be digital marketing agency or digital marketing company but you’ll also get questions like “How to do digital marketing for a small business.”

And if you see any popular questions or topics which Ubersuggest will show you, create podcast episodes on them. And you’ll start getting a lot of listens because that’s what people are interested in.

The last thing you want to do is create episodes around topics that no one really cares about. So base it off the searches because that’ll give you idea of what’s popular versus what people probably don’t want to listen to.

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