Why You Should Stop Studying Digital Marketing (What To Do Instead While Getting 10x The Results)

Studying digital marketing, will help you learn more, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get more traffic, sadly. Today I’m going to break down what you should stop studying digital marketing and what you should do instead, while getting 10X the results.

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I’m say you should stop studying digital marketing, if, and only if you’ve been studying it for six plus months to a year or even more, you haven’t done any actual campaigns for your clients or yourself. You gave up after your failed campaign and if you haven’t even implemented any of the things you’ve learned. Because you could be learning a lot about digital marketing.

So even if you tried one campaign or two campaigns on, let’s say SEO, but you also learned about social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and you haven’t tested out any of the other stuff, you need to go and start doing.

So step one, start by focusing on one marketing discipline. That discipline could be paid traffic, social media, SEO, content, marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Two, find a client that has a product or service in that niche that is easier to make success and work for free or at very low costs. You may not want to work for free, but trust me the experiences while worth it. This typically means products or services with high ticket value or higher retention, right. Those are easier to optimize. The goal is to find a product or service that has a hungry market and is underserved and ideally a big TAM. TAM stands for total addressable market. The bigger the market, the easier it is.

The next step find successful products and services that are in the same vertical, and reverse engineer their success. What does their offer look like; pain points, needs, wants? What does it address; their price points, guarantees, payments, conditions? What are their traffic channels that they’re leveraging? Right, what is the ones? Are they mainly using SEO, paid advertising? You can use Ubersuggest to check this out and see where people are getting their traffic from, as well as similar one.

Try to see how they’re positioning their ad, and copy the elements from the imagery to their videos, to their landing pages. And that gets me into, do they have multiple landing pages for different audience segments? This will give you an indicator of the different groups of people that they’re targeting.

Now, if you’re not sure on how to figure out their landing pages or even their ads or the ad copy, check out Facebook’s Ad Library. Facebook’s big. Everyone’s on Facebook. You’ll be able to see what they’re running, and if they have a ton of engagement on those ads.

Probably is working better than the ones that don’t have tons of engagement. It’ll give you a direction of where you should go. It doesn’t mean if you copy them, you’ll be successful. It just gives you a rule of thumb on what direction you should go on.

The next step, create a minimal, viable campaign that works on some of the foundations that you’ve discovered in your competitive analysis. Use only one pay ade channel initially, or one SEO organic channel or conversion channel, depending on the business you’re working on. Test different variations of your offer, your ads, your creative segmentation options. See which angle is the most successful and double down on it And create variations around the winning offer and angle and creative and see how you can improve it even further.

Next step, find other products, services, and clients in the same niche that don’t compete with the first campaign that you’ve created, and apply what you’ve learned.

But here’s the thing, if you learn so much and you keep learning, and you never implement, you won’t understand the intricacies. There’s always so much that you’ll learn by just doing that’s not taught through reading. So you got to actually take action.

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