Why Your Blog Strategy Isn’t Driving Traffic

Markers that prioritize blogging are 13X more likely to see a positive return on their investment. Though so few blogs actually drive traffic, let alone conversions. There can be many reasons for this, but here are my top 5 reasons your blog strategy isn’t driving traffic.

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0:44 Reason #1 | You’re not incorporating images into your content
1:33 Reason #2 | You’re not linking correctly
2:33 Reason #3 | You’re not leveraging topic clusters
3:11 Reason #4 | Your meta descriptions aren’t optimized
3:52 Reason #5 | You’re not promoting nearly enough on social

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Did you know that according to HubSpot, “Markers that prioritize blogging are 13X more likely to see a positive return on their investment.” But here’s the thing. We all know that blogging is important, but so few blogs actually drive traffic, let alone lead to conversions. Why? There are tons of reasons, but it can be especially frustrating if you follow Google’s exact device, right? Here’s some of the reasons why your blog might not be generating enough traffic.

Reason one. You’re not incorporating images into your content. According to Jeff Bullas, “Articles with images get 95% more total views than articles without images. And if you want to take it one step further, consider using infographics as well. Infographics tell a whole story. It makes a lot of you know, rich data type of content, easy to understand and digest in a visual format.

Reason number two. You’re not linking correctly. Long-form content gets an average of 77% more links than short articles. But here’s the thing. The way Google crawls your website is by links. When other people link to you, they bind your website, and they start indexing. The more links you have, the more valuable your site is, but your links internally within your website is how Google also crawls your whole website, and figures out what articles are related to each other and which ones, should they rank higher. So if I have an article on let’s say, digital marketing and I’m talking about different strategies in digital marketing, such as social media marketing or SEO or paid advertising on Facebook, I would link to the respected article. So for example, when I talk about social media marketing, I may link to an article on the beginner’s guide to social media marketing. When I’m talking about SEO within that digital marketing article, I may link to let’s say, a guide on how to get started with SEO, and so forth and so on. That will help your overall site get more traffic and rank higher in Google.

Reason three. You’re not leveraging topic clusters. Former product marketer at Buffer offered Lua built topic clusters around Instagram and marketing by interlinking articles related to the same topic. And in six months, weekly organic traffic went up by 48%. From 27,000 visitors to 40,000. That’s a massive increase. So consider doing clusters. You can also see this on Moz. They talk about the beginner’s guide to SEO, and they’ll have all these articles that they’ll link to that are more detailed when it comes to around SEO.

Reason four. Your meta descriptions aren’t optimized. Title tags between 15 and 40 characters have a 8.6% higher click-through rate than lengthier ones. So make sure your title tags are short and to the point. Also, consider leveraging emotions within your title tags or even evoking curiosity. So for example of evoking curiosity is, the seven benefits of green tea. Number five will shock you. Whoa, what’s number five? It’s going to shock me. That’s an example of evoking curiosity, and with emotions if your titles or descriptions make people feel happy or sad or loved, those are all ways to get more clicks.

Reason five, you’re not promoting nearly enough on social. Think your blog strategy starts and ends with your actual blog? Think again. 73% of marketers believe that social media has been very effective for their business, and it’s one of the best ways to promote your blog.

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