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Content marketing is competitive, but there’s a certain type of content that works extremely well. Do you want to know what it is? So what’s the type of content that you need to learn to write? It’s actually long-form content that is data-oriented. I’m not talking about long-form content, I’m talking about long-form content that is data-oriented. And I’ll go into that in-depth in a little bit and I’ll give you some stats before we dive right in.

Google Scholar:

So a study conducted by Backlinko found that the average page on Google that ranks on the first page contains 1,447 words.

Here’s another interesting fact, websites with above average time on site tend to also rank higher on Google. Typically, if you have more words on your page, you tend to get a better average time on site.

Now, according to our own data from, we’re seeing long form content with stats and data generating almost three times more backlinks, which helps our overall sites rankings.

Now, when we don’t include data, we’re not getting as many backlinks, which is why I said long form content with data is roughly generating three times roughly more backlinks than content without data. But here’s what’s even more interesting, right? Everyone believes that if you have long form content and you’re generating more backlinks, that you’re just going to get tons of traffic.

What most people don’t realize is the long form content that’s super in-depth that has all that stats and data that generates a lot of links, doesn’t always generate a lot of search volume.

So if you write long form content with tons of data and stats in there, you’ll get the links, which will cause the rest of your site to rank higher. So how do you write this kind of content?

Well, first off you need to research your competitors. You can go into Ubersuggest, you can type in competitor URLs and look at the top pages. This will show you their most popular pages by traffic and backlinks, and even shows you the people who link to those pages. So now you can hit them up, because if someone links to your competitors and you hit them up, the chances are they’ll link to you as well.

I also want you to check out your competitors topics. So within Ubersuggest, you can put in your competitor URLs and see all the keywords that they rank for. This will show you the topics that they’re going after. And this will give you ideas, some of the keywords that you should consider going after.

And if you take those keywords and put it into the keyword ideas lists within Ubersuggest in that report, it’ll show other related keywords, more long-tail ones that you could potentially go after it and it’ll tell you which ones are easy to rank and hard to rank for, for your website.

Now, once you have idea of keywords, I want you to make an outline covering everything that’s relevant to that topic, right?

And then I want you to add stats and data and research, even videos and image content. If you can’t find them, go check out places like Google Scholar, where sometimes you can find a lot of interesting stats or data, or you can Google and find them and make sure you link out to those resources where you pull the stats and data from, or you can pay a researcher on Upworker or Fiverr.

And when you’re writing content, you want to make sure it delivers the need for the searcher.

Remember, Google has this thing called E-A-T, Expertise, Authority, Trust. By showing your expertise, authority, and trust, you’re more likely to rank better, which will then get you more traffic because Google doesn’t want people like me Neil Patel to write articles about cancer. What expert am I? I’m not even a doctor. That could actually be misleading and cause inaccurate information to be ranked on Google and hurt other people in their lives or their health or their money or their wealth.

So that way Google wants to rank articles from experts. And by doing this, it also makes you an expert which helps increase your rankings in the long run.

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